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June 15, 2014

Cameron Diaz sex scene

I believe you liked celebrity sex scenes, right? Don’t try to deny it…I know that it is great when you can see your favorite celebrity at that sort of job…Of course they get paid a lot for those scenes, but filmmakers know that some movie with, let’s say, Cameron Diaz naked in some sex scene will approve itself without any questions…That is right…What, you don’t believe me? You would watch that movie for sure…of course she has got a movie like that and it called Feeling Minnesota. We are going to talk about this scene a bit later…

I you ask me, I would say I don’t like Cameron Diaz sex video. Not this one and neither the rest of them and that is only because of two things…First is that I don’t like Cameron…second is that I don’t think she play well is all of her sex scenes…Of course you can’t say that the rest her movies besides Feeling Minnesota have a familiar sex scenes where she has to simulate sex with somebody, however she has got many of them where she shows her naked private body parts. Just like in her movie that calls There’s something about Mary….Remember that scene where Cameron Diaz nude and flashing her boobs in her room. You can also see some scenes with her wearing a shirt…you might say so what…shirt is shirt…But the sweetest thing is that you can see her nipples through this shirt. By the way, you can also see her nude in The sweetest thing.

Now, let’s talk about this Cameron Diaz sex movie that calls Feeling Minnesota…Of course there is only one sex scene in that movie with Cameron, but we can see her riding a guy in his car…The car is jumping a bit with a rhythm of her jiggling boobs. Then she walks out of the car, pull on her panties and that is it.

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May 28, 2014

Lindsay Lohan sex tape

Many people know that Lindsay has not become popular by acting and singing…I am saying that because her arrests and bad behavior with using alcohol and drugs have become like daily news.

But apart from that, I have found something on the web, that has attracted millions of people about her…I am talking about Lindsay Lohan sextape with her ex- boyfriend Calum Best. So here we have something to discuss today…

First thing is first…I have to tell you about scenario…It is pretty simple as it consists of Lindsay Lohan blowjob. She is sucking her ex’s dick on that tape pretty accurate. But let me ask you something…Are you sure that this is her? Or this is Lindsay Lohan fake sextape? I can’t say for sure as the quality of that sex video is pretty low and I can’t see her face on it.

The hairstyle looks like it is Lindsay’s, face lines are also familiar with hers. Well…let’s say for sure that this is Lindsay, so it would be easier for me to describe. But I promise you, we will make some conclusion at the end.

As you can see, Lindsay Lohan boobs can be noticed on that video as well as her naked ass…She is working hard on her blowjob, probably to satisfy her boyfriend there…which is lying and not moving. It is obvious why…if Lindsay were giving me a head, I would stay still till the end too…

Concerning the quality of Lindsay Lohan blowjob, I have to say that she is not mature in it, however you can see her trying. If it was her first time, I have to say she did well…But what am I saying? First time…Lindsay is 23, her first blowjob experience should be back in high school…or maybe I am wrong…correct me if I am wrong.

Now, it is time to make a conclusion. We have a simple scenario, bad quality sextape and of course we have Lindsay Lohan on it. But I want you to keep in mind that we are not sure if this is her at all. So here it is…my own conclusion…I am saying that this is Lindsay Lohan indeed…because I have watched that video several times with a lot of details…

Despite the fact that the quality of this tape is low, I am rating this video with the grade of B, mostly because of Lindsay Lohan was trying very hard…

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May 20, 2014

Nicole Kidman sex scene

I have noticed that in nowadays there are not many movies that would have a sex scene with some popular celebrity like Angelina Jolie or Cameron Diaz…I am talking about 2008-2010 period…maybe even a few years earlier…I don’t know why is that happening…maybe it is not modern to cast in that scenes anymore…I don’t think so as a lot of people like this scenes and they are looking day and night for some celebrity naked and having sex…I understand them and I am totally with them…Like for example I wanted to watch Nicole Kidman sex movie…I went online and found that with no problems…if you want to do the same…I recommend you to use the web…

What I am trying to say is that in 90’s such famous female actress like Angelina Jolie Kim Basinger, Nicole Kidman and many others were casting in those scenes with no problem…Yeas I do understand that they would agreed on everything to cast in any movie because they were just starting their acting career…but that is not the point…the point is even though they casted in such scenes, it did not affect on their popularity in a bad way…look how popular they are…for example Nicole Kidman naked pics are very popular on the web…Anyway, as I am here to tell about some sex scenes with her participation, let’s focus on her only…

Nicole Kidman naked sex scene with Tom Cruise can be noticed in Eyes Wide Shut movie…They are both standing naked and kissing each other…nothing special though, but this was the most famous scene.

The next sex scene can be seen in Malice movie…here you can see Nicole Kidman nude riding Bill Pullman very dynamic…this scene I have remembered the most…

She has got plenty other sex scenes in different movies…I think this Nicole Kidman hot video is the best that you can find.

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May 9, 2014

Megan Fox porn

I hope you don’t mind me sharing with you this Megan Fox porn because if you do I am going have to say “leave this website” This is pretty much for adults and if you are less than 18 then get out of here… But those rules are only for breaking them so go ahead, however I strongly advise you to make sure your parents aren’t home or even if they are, you should lock your door in your room. If you did what I told you to do then please, enjoy this video.

I still can’t get rid of some moments of Megan Fox sex tape that don’t leave my mind… I have watched that only a few times but now even when I sleep I see some of it. But don’t worry as that’s just great and there is nothing better than that. Our imagination works very hard when we see something we like very much.

She is only 24 years old and I think that by 30 Meg will be more popular than Angelina Jolie or someone else that big. Let’s see this quote from her by the way. “I was not ‘the slut’ in high school.” She didn’t have to say that because you won’t find any woman who was a slut back in high school that has become popular and drive thousands of men crazy. Meg was a good girl and I am sure she had some nice grades there.

That was incredible I think… magnificent… I’ll see you on Wednesday.

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November 1, 2011

Carmen Electra sex scene

Today I am going to tell you about few sex scenes with Carmen Electra naked in them. I think it is a great opportunity for us to go online and watch celebrity sex scenes…it is just amazing how everything is simple in nowadays…About ten years 15 years ago, if you wanted to watch for example Carmen Electra sex movie, you would have to go to the video store, search that tape…and sometimes it happens that you don’t know the name of that movie…but now, everything is much easier.

On these sex scenes you can see a lot…There are basically two movies where you can see Carmen Electra sex scenes. These movies are Chosen One: Legend of the Raven and The mating habits of the earth human. But right now I would like to talk about few sex scenes from The mating habits of the earth human movie.

The first sex scene I happening in a room. Carmen drops out her dress and we can see her boobs. She is lying underneath some guy and then they start having sex…I have to admit that it was pretty realistic and their sex had some passion or maybe even love…but I am sure this is only because of good acting.

In another scene of Carmen Electra hot video, you can see her riding the same guy, but on the other bed. But you will not see anything under her waist as she covered the most interesting part with a blanket. As she is riding him you can see how Carmen Electra boobs are shaking and jiggling…Up and down, up and down…

The last sex scene in this movie that I want to discuss is when Carmen Electra nude is jumping on a guy with a lot of passion…After a few kisses they are having sex on the couch.

This is it for this Carmen Electra sex video and my rate is purely five out of five.

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August 19, 2011

Miley Cyrus porn

Hey, welcome to my website that is dedicated to Miley Cyrus sex video as you can see… There is nothing better than watching your favorite celebrity naked, especially when we are talking about our young Miley baby. But I don’t want you thinking about this place as only something where you can watch those kinds of things and that’s it… Hell no, you will definitely find some very interesting stuff right here besides that… So, I guess just talking won’t lead us any further and that’s why I say let’s watch it…

There is no need to go and search for Miley Cyrus porn as it is right here on this website… If you can’t find it here than I think there should be a link somewhere that will lead you to that. Just promise me that when you get it, first thing you do is watching it and then sharing with your friends… I know that sharing is great, but only when you have something to share. I would like to give you another present… it is Miley’s saying or quote if you say so… “If a relationship can’t work out, make a record.” Honestly, I don’t know what she really tried to say by that… Make a record… the hell does that means… Maybe she meant people who can’t live together should just ignore that and just live by it… I am not sure.

This was fun… I had fun, really… I hope you did too.

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September 21, 2010

Alyssa Milano sex scene

Starting from today, I am taking a short break from appreciating celebrities nude pics…Instead of that, as you have guessed, I will be evaluating celebrities sex scenes…and Alyssa Milano sex movie is our first target…If you ask me about what kind of criteria should be judged in our sex scene review, I will tell that there are a few of them…First, it is how some particular celebrity looks like in that scene, second is realism and the last thing is decorations, thus where the scene is happening…Now, I would like you to join me in this review of Alyssa Milano sex movie. First of all, we are going to talk about Alyssa Milano sex scene in Embrace of the Vampire movie. I will be honest with you…I didn’t watch this whole movie, but I what I did watch was only Alyssa Milano naked parts. There were a few sex scenes in that movie and I liked two of them…First is when Alyssa Milano having sex with another female…She looks pretty young there…I have to say she looks like she is 25…I can see her boobs, ass and the rest of it. They are kissing each other and that looks very sincere and quite realistic…Maybe Alyssa likes girls? I don’t know. Another sex scene with Alyssa Milano nude is happening in some room with a bed in the middle of it. Now it is a simple, basic, non gay, non lesbian sex…I don’t know who that man is, who kisses her nipples and touches her very private parts, but what I do know is that he was the luckiest man on the planet during this sex scene. I think we have enjoyed by this review…it is really entertaining…Anyway I have to rate this Alyssa Milano sex video from one to five…I believe that nobody will disagree if I give five out of five.

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