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June 17, 2014

Gabrielle Anwar nude

I saw this woman for the first time when she was playing her role of a simple hot and modest woman in Scent of a Woman movie with Al Pacino…Of course her role was pretty short, but many people remembered her innocent look, her thin and delicate body…That pushed me to include her on my list of the hottest female celebrities, especially when I saw Gabrielle Anwar naked photos. But before we start our basic, but unpredictable process, I would like you to meet so facts as at the end we will rate this Gabrielle Anwar nude pic that I have decided to include.

Did you know that Gabrielle is 39? She will be 40 soon, as her birthday is on February 4th. But I don’t think that changes our opinion about her…right? I mean I though she is hot before I knew her age and I did not change my mind yet…I think it is all because we can’t see a big difference between what we see now and what we saw ten or fifteen years ago, as she is still hot and sexy…

By looking at her legs, I have to say that I thought she is about 5’9, but I was wrong as she is only 5’3…But that woman should not be tall indeed as she is well proportioned now.

I can’t say that Gabrielle Anwar boobs are pretty big, but they are nice and still elastic…here it is not about size, it is about elegance which she fully fits. I was looking at Gabrielle Anwar topless photos and I suggest you to do the same.

Gabrielle Anwar ass is not that big as she has a well proportioned body, which means having a big ass will ruin all that balance.

I think this is it for today and would like to rate this photo of Gabrielle Anwar undressed with five out of five.

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June 16, 2014

Drew Barrymore nude pics

Many people find Drew the sexiest woman of Hollywood. I think she deserves to be one of the sexiest female celebrities, because she is very beautiful and simply gorgeous. Today I was looking at Drew Barrymore naked pictures, and I have to say I have seen better, but she is beautiful in her way and that pushed me to write about this picture…I hope you can join me in this review so we could evaluate Drew Barrymore naked photo together.

But as usually, two more facts about Drew…She is 34 years old, but she is still young and she looks like she is 25 or something…I can’t say that she is tall, but that is not much important as everything in her body in well proportioned…I mean her long legs are pretty good combine with her torso…Her height is 5’4, but on television and on pictures she looks much taller…

Drew Barrymore tits are pretty big of size…I am not sure if she does ever a plastic surgery, but anyway her boobs look gorgeous…

Talking about her belly, I can say that it is not much athletic, but it looks sexy…the only thing which missing is piercing on her bellybutton…you do remember that I told you I like this thing on women body…looks very sexy…

Now it is time to say something about Drew Barrymore ass…It is quite big, but not too much…very smooth and soft…man I want to touch it…but I can’t…

So…here we are…It is time for us to rate this photo of Drew Barrymore undressed…I think it will be fair If I give for this photo the grade of B…no offence Drew…

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June 11, 2014

Christina Milian nude

I don’t think that I am a big fan of Christina Milian songs, but I am a big fan of Christina Milian naked pictures…I think she is superhot woman when I see her I am starting to get excited…Man I wish she was my woman…I would do anything she wants as on the bed as well as off. But that is only a dream…and that is why we should get back to reality…by reality I mean what do we have at the moment…And at the moment we have this picture of Christina Milian nude which we are about to discuss and then I will rate it from one to five…

Here are a few facts about Christina…First of all, she is 28 years old, but I look at her and say…28? You have got to be kidding me…She looks 18 or maybe a few years older…This is a miracle to look that young…

Her height is only 5’2, but for a woman like this having this shortage is not a problem…maybe this is even not shortage…she has an amazing body and that is what counts.

Christina Milian boobs are quite big and I like the fact that they are pretty elastic and smooth…I like those boobs a lot…If you want more, you can search Christina Milian topless pictures on the web and I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Christina Milian ass is big and smooth…I like when a women has big butt…I want to grab it with my both hands…oh man…I think you should checkout Christina Milian bikini photos so you could better appreciate it.

Now, I think we are at the point where I have to rate this pic of Christina Milian undressed and my rate is nothing as a purely five out of five…

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June 9, 2014

Traci Lords nude pictures

When I looked at Traci Lords nude pictures, I thought that there is no woman on the plane t who would be that shapely and gorgeous…Take a look for yourself…her thighs, boobs, ass, and the rest…well if you can’t see all these like I do…Let me help you…Let’s appreciate Traci Lords naked photo together…

Once I have noticed her, my imagination about the perfect woman has changed immediately…I thought it is impossible for a woman to look like this…it turns out that I am wrong and Traci is an example.

Traci Lords boobs are something out of this world…their shape is kind of right or something like that…I am not saying that all the women must have the same, but still…they are just perfect. That is why I look so often at Traci Lords topless pictures on the web.

Now, it is time for the most interesting part of her body…I mean her belly. Looks how sexy and strong it is. It has a few abs and I am sure that Traci has done a great job, working on her body.

I am sure that you can find a lot of Traci Lords playboy pictures on the web, as she just has to be on this magazine.

Traci Lords ass is also gorgeous and I don’t have enough word to describe it as well as I want…Let’s just settle for the fact that her ass is just wonderful. Consequently, her thighs and legs are also beautiful as you can’t have ass like that and bad legs and the rest.

Now it is time to rate Traci Lords undressed photo. I want to give her five stars out of five, however I would give her more if I could.

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June 4, 2014

Catalina Larranaga nude

Who wants to see something spicy? Ok, I see a lot of people coming here. Alright, as we have some people here are Catalina Larranaga nude pictures so there is nothing left for you as to enjoy.

This picture I got right here is making me want to say some stupid story that I was in one day. But first, let me tell you what is going on here on that pic as you should know that to understand my story.

This is a snapshot from some low budget erotic movie and obviously she was playing there more than once. I can see Catalina Larranaga naked on that shot and she is standing in the center of lighted candles. The other girl that is blond seems to leaking her pussy and that is some kind lesbian film I think. Catalina is enjoying so damn nice and she is hugging her head so that woman probably didn’t take it off and continued to do that. This is pretty familiar with my story but I wasn’t leaking there anything.
At one party there was a girl that was drunk and I took her upstairs in my room. Oh yea, I forgot to tell that this party was at my place so it was easier for me to get laid. When we came to my bed I started to get her undressed and the same thing she would do for me.

When I was kissing her from her mouth and then lower and lower till her bellybutton, she pulled my head down right to her pussy. But I am not that kind of guy that will leak, no way man. I didn’t do that and she was upset so basically, you can say “No sex”.

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June 1, 2014

Tia Carrere nude

I was so happy when I knew I will make a review about Tia Carrere nude picture that I have found on the web… Fasten your seatbelts as here we go.

She is 43 years old at the moment and I think you know that she looks much younger, right? I am not talking about her face as you can see the signs of several plastic surgeries… I am talking about her body… look how athletic and gorgeous it is … She is so hot… I like her very much… but if you ask me, I have to tell you that I like Tia Carrere undressed pictures that was taken long time ago when she was about 25 or even 30… Damn, this woman is hot.

Another thing that turns me on about her is her height… She is 5’8 and that is pretty much for a woman… Take a look at Tia Carrere naked and when you see her legs spread out or when she put one up by showing of her pussy, you will see how long and shapely her legs are… That makes her look even taller plus she has well shaped body which is another advantage. A lot of women just dream to have body like that or to be that tall, but not everyone can have it.

Tia Carrere boobs are something fucking incredible… they remind me boobs of Angelina Jolie… and to be honest, if you look at Tia Carrere topless pictures when she was younger, you might say she is familiar with Angie… Take a look by yourself as I ain’t deceiving you for sure. Anyway, her boobs are just magnificent… so elastic, smooth and big… I like that her boobs are real…

Tia Carrere ass is something big and gorgeous… Just look how athletic it is and well proportioned… I think her ass is also a bit familiar with Angie’s… I don’t know why, but that is true. Take a look at Tia Carrere bikini pictures and I am sure you will be excited in about a minute…

That is it for now and I think five of five for this pic of Tia Carrere exposed is the smallest thing we can do.

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May 31, 2014

Meagan Good nude

Oh man…when I saw Meagan Good naked photo, I thought that there is now woman who can be that hot…But that just appeared to me on a few minutes, just right when I was looking at this picture…By the way, do you know what makes a man say the word sexy when he sees some girl on the street or a celebrity on television or on the web? To answer this question, I have to explain you how it happens…It takes only split second for a man to say that some woman is hot, but during this short period of time, we can see all of her parts, appreciate them and then we say if she is hot or not…Can you imagine that? We have only a few split seconds to look at woman face, boobs, belly, ass and legs and only then, we say our opinion or in some cases just whistle.

But here we have Meagan Good nude picture that we have to evaluate together and then rate it…Of course I can say my opinion right now, but that would not be interesting… So here we go…

Meagan Good boobs are not big the way I like, however I have to say that I do like their shape and the fact that they are pretty elastic. Of course they are elastic, as she is only 28 years old? But I thought she is 19…Anyway, I advise you to checkout Meagan Good topless gallery.

Meagan Good ass is quite big and I like her thighs and hips very much…

I think it is enough for today, and I can say my opinion about this picture of Meagan Good undressed…I am giving five stars out of five…

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May 29, 2014

Madonna nude

I knew this day will come and will have to write a review on Madonna nude picture…My hands are shaking at the moment, as I don’t know if Madonna read this or if she likes it? Another thing is that I am not sure that I have enough words to express how sexy and amazing she is…But anyway I have to try…so here it is…Madonna naked picture…

As usually, I think it would be fair if I include some facts about Madonna, so the review will be as objective as possible…First of all we know that she is 51, but I think she is one of the youngest celebrities and women in her age category in the whole world. By the way do you know that Madonna is only 5’1 height…Her body is so perfect combines with her legs that she looks much taller…

Madonna has always had the sexiest hairstyles…that is why I like her…she is blond…that is why I like her even more…

Madonna tits are better than when she was much younger…I don’t know if that is because of the surgery…but I don’t care about that…anyway Madonna boobs are the best boobs…I like so much watching Madonna topless…it is a magnificent event when you can do something like that…

Madonna ass is much better and younger than other female celebrities which are much younger than she is…

So here we are at the end of our review…and we have to rate this photo of Madonna undressed…And you know what, I am making the exception…I am giving her ten stars out of five, although that is impossible, but I don’t care…she deserves that…

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May 26, 2014

Caprice Bourret nude pics

Today I would like to introduce you this nice pic of Caprice Bourret nude… I am sure you will be happy to meet her.

If you don’t mind I would like to start with her age… Caprice Bourret age is 38 years old and she will be 39 this year… Pretty old you might say, but let me assure you that it is nothing like that. I saw recent pictures of Caprice Bourret naked and I was amazed how young and gorgeous she is… and the fact that is that age just makes her more attractive for the lovers of hot mammas… oh yeah… This cutie pie is so hot that I am just sure when she is 45 we will see the same hot Caprice… no doubt about it. Right now, I would give her about 30 years old and not more… She does looks like she is that age…

Now I want you to know how tall she is… When I try to emphasize someone’s height that means this woman is quite tall… Yes indeed, Caprice Bourret height is 5’8 and a half… Pretty tall for a woman as the average height for a woman is about 5’5 or something around that number… But I have to say that if you look at Caprice Bourret undressed pictures and see her long and shapely legs you might think she is about 6 feet which she is not…

Caprice Bourret boobs are just gorgeous… Look at them… so smooth and pretty big… If you ask me about if they are natural or has she made a plastic surgery on them then I will tell you they are one hundred percent natural… This kind of shape can tell a lot and by the way, this is my favorite shape of boobs that woman can have… I suggest you to watch Caprice Bourret topless pictures.

Now, with your allowance, I am here to introduce you Caprice Bourret ass… Have you checked that already? If not, take your time and just enjoy with what you see… I just love what I can see right now… And what do I see? I see gorgeous, pretty curvy, athletic and smooth ass… I am ready to kiss it or do whatever it takes to touch her cute butt… But right now I have Caprice Bourret bikini pictures that I want you to search on the web and I am happy with that.

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May 25, 2014

Jaime Pressly nude pics

After I saw Jaime Pressly naked photos on the web, I have decided to include her on our list of sexiest female celebrities. You know, it is sort of casting…I go online, find some female celebrities, compare them, chose a few of them, evaluate them and then I can totally be sure that you will be interested in those beauties…So, here is Jaime Pressly nude picture, that we are about to evaluate, but not right now, as now you will read this short review about her, so it would easier for you to make a rating to this photo.

I don’t like her hairstyle however I have to admit that it very suits her face and the color too.

I can’t say that I liked her face either, but I am sure that many of you find her sexy and I do to, but it is just she is not in my type…but I can’t be selfish and I do realize that for many people this gorgeous woman is just a dream…I am totally understand those people. I have to say that her face is so smooth that I could not believe she is 32, honestly…

She is not tall, however I thought she is…Her height is only 5’4, but to me she seemed to be at 5’7…

Jaime Pressly boobs is not big, however I do like their shape…They are so elastic as well. I found some pictures of Jaime Pressly topless on the web and I think for many of you it is just a precious gift.

Jaime Pressly ass is just stunning…it is probably the only thing that I like in her…Not so big, not so small…just perfect.

That is the end of this review of Jaime Pressly undressed photo and my rate if five out of five.

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