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May 31, 2014

Meagan Good nude

Oh man…when I saw Meagan Good naked photo, I thought that there is now woman who can be that hot…But that just appeared to me on a few minutes, just right when I was looking at this picture…By the way, do you know what makes a man say the word sexy when he sees some girl on the street or a celebrity on television or on the web? To answer this question, I have to explain you how it happens…It takes only split second for a man to say that some woman is hot, but during this short period of time, we can see all of her parts, appreciate them and then we say if she is hot or not…Can you imagine that? We have only a few split seconds to look at woman face, boobs, belly, ass and legs and only then, we say our opinion or in some cases just whistle.

But here we have Meagan Good nude picture that we have to evaluate together and then rate it…Of course I can say my opinion right now, but that would not be interesting… So here we go…

Meagan Good boobs are not big the way I like, however I have to say that I do like their shape and the fact that they are pretty elastic. Of course they are elastic, as she is only 28 years old? But I thought she is 19…Anyway, I advise you to checkout Meagan Good topless gallery.

Meagan Good ass is quite big and I like her thighs and hips very much…

I think it is enough for today, and I can say my opinion about this picture of Meagan Good undressed…I am giving five stars out of five…

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May 27, 2014

Eva Green nude pictures

Today I was looking at Eva Green nude picture and I told to myself…man…you have to write about her…she is so hot…So here I am, writing about her nude photo, so at the end of this review we could make a decision about it and rate it…But if you want to appreciate it properly with no skepticism, here you should know something about Eva…

First of all, it is her age…she is 29 years old…Big girl you say…huh…But can you say the same when you will be looking at Eva Green naked pics? I don’t think so…She looks like she is 19 or something…The other thing is that she is so pretty that I would give her Miss Hollywood 2009, no joking…

I like the way her hair look…so long and dark color combines in one sexiest hairstyle…Ahhh…I want to smell her hair do bad…oh…sorry, I forgot….yeah…her hair is so soft and just gorgeous…

Eva Greene tits are pretty big of size and they are elastic at the same time…I like when her long hairs are lying on her big boobs…it looks very hot…By the way you can see this on many Eva Greene topless gallery…

I also have noticed that Eva has got an athletic body…I am not sure that she does workouts pretty often, but the fact is fact…

Eva Greene ass is something out of this world…so soft, smooth and elastic…mmm…

I am giving for that photo of Eva Greene undressed five starts out of five for being that sexy and just gorgeous….Thank you Eva…

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May 26, 2014

Denise Richards Playboy pics

I think many of you saw Denise Richards Playboy pics, and I bet you all were pretty happy by looking at some of her parts…She is very hot and gorgeous and I think she deserves to be discussed in our review…Here is Denise Richards nude pic, that we are about to appreciate and then rate.

Starting with some facts, I would like to say that she is 38 years old, but when I look at her pics, I am thinking she is back 25 or something like that…Denise has done a great job in keeping her body sexy at that age.

She is not tall enough to be my ideal woman as her height is 5’6, but I think I am going to ignore that fact about her, as she looks much taller on her pictures.

I like her face, she is very beautiful…I think there are not many women on the planet who can be as pretty as Denise.

Denise Richards breasts are pretty big and l like their shape…I wish every woman could have the same shape…it is very sexy…I like to watch Denise Richards topless, as here you can really appreciate her tits.

Speaking about her belly, I would like to mention that it is pretty athletic, although it is a bit wrinkly, but that is ok at that age.

Denise Richards ass is so athletic and just amazing…This woman is so shapely and simply gorgeous. I want you to check out Denise Richards bikini pics on playboy magazine…

That is it for today and I think I will rate this photo of Denise Richards naked with five stars out of five.

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May 19, 2014

Nicole Eggert nude pictures

Today we are going to talk about girl from Baywatch… you should remember these series… Anyway, here I have Nicole Eggert nude pic that is our target today.

I always try to start with age… Of course it happens that it is not necessary to say anything about it when you see that some celebrity looks older than she is, however sometimes I can say that… it helps them to get this straight fact… face it and then illuminate it. But if we are talking about Nicole Eggert age which is 38, I have to say she is just gorgeous woman… forget about this age… I mean she looks better than every college in your place… believe me… If I’d have been offered to pick between dozens of young and hot college girls and Nicole Eggert, I would pick her and no one else… she is already achieved I think… I was talking about different poses… Anyway, if you look at her, you will say she is about 28 or something really close to this number… Age is just a number and Nicole has proved it to us as many other famous women.

If you ask about her height which is 5’3 then I will tell you don’t judge by this number either… She has so gorgeous and well proportioned body along with her long and shapely legs that I think she is about 6 feet sharp when I look at Nicole Eggert naked pictures.

Now it is time to talk about Nicole Eggert boobs… it won’t take long as you have to see them and touch them so you could have the perfect imagination about them… But in our case I can only say that they are quite big and elastic… I suggest you to watch Nicole Eggert topless pictures on the web.

Nicole Eggert ass is simply amazing and perfect… so big and athletic that I can’t control myself anymore… bye ya’ll… I am gone to watch Nicole Eggert bikini pictures.

Well, as I am back, I think that is enough for this pic of Nicole Eggert exposed which I will rate with five out of five.

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May 18, 2014

Helen Mirren nude photos

When I saw Helen Mirren nude pictures on the web, which was made recently I threw up right on the floor. Don’t be scared, I have found a picture where she is younger on about million years than the one I saw. I do understand she was hot and sexy in her time, but you can’t look sexy at 69. Maybe I am wrong and some women do look sexy, but not in negligee as no matter how you try, you body will be wrinkly and fat in anyway…that is the nature…I may find a woman sexy in that age, only if she looks nice and wears some cloth. Anyway, here is a picture of Helen Mirren naked and I will try to rate it with more objectivity than I want.

Her height is only 5’4, but I have to admit the fact that her well shaped body, when she was young, makes her looks taller on that pic.

No matter what I say, I like her hair. She was actually pretty in her time…

Helen Mirren boobs are quite elastic on this photo, which was taken many years ago…I can see her hairy pussy on that pic…by the way, if you want to see more Helen Mirren topless pics, go online and search.

I can’t say nothing good about Helen Mirren ass, because I don’t like it…although she is quite young on that pic, but I can’t say her ass looks smooth and elastic. Instead, it seems pretty wrinkly to me.

Finally, I think that I am ready to rate this photo of Helen Mirren undressed. I am giving her three stars out of five for being sexy in past.

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May 16, 2014

Katy Perry nude

There are a lot of Katy Perry nude pictures on my website so you probably need to look at it and I am quite sure all of you will be glad that they came.

You should definitely see at least couple of her amazing photos because Katy is a nice looking woman with a lot of things to show. For example, there is this photo where you can see her standing right against the wall with pink blankets on the background. She is wearing her bra and some kind of weird but sexy dress. She putted her left elbow on the wall and holding her head with the same hand. I don’t know what is so special in that simple photo but it made me to masturbate on it like three times in a row and I barely had enough powers for the last one.

She bends a bit to the camera and thus giving us a perfect view of her big tits. They are like two twin sister that I would love to touch just once at least. But it seems that she is pretty high as a star and I’m just a simple guy that she won’t probably look at, however I ain’t ugly at all. Anyway, to see her boobs better you should definitely download at least one of those Katy Perry naked pictures where she is standing topless and her breast is being painted by some white paint. She looks so young there by the way.

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May 13, 2014

Kendra Wilkinson nude

What an incredible picture of Kendra Wilkinson nude I saw today on the web… can you believe in that? Anyway, if want to check it out I suggest you to read this review about her first.

Do you think she is smart? According to her appearances on tv especially on MTV I am having this felling that she either stupid or at least pretends to be one. But the last option is more complicated and demands a lot of work and brains because only a smart person can pretend stupid so that everybody believed in that.

I think she is something in between those two options because being only stupid is impossible as she knows how to behave and seems to be very polite. That is my own opinion and of course it might be wrong. But anyway who cares about her intellect when they watch Kendra Wilkinson naked pictures. The main thing in that moment is her sexuality and ability to please us with her gorgeous body.

Speaking of her body let’s discuss it with more details and I would like to start with Kendra Wilkinson boobs because that is the first thing I see while staring at her naked pic. She has got pretty big ones, although fake ones as well. But the surgery was successful and thus we’d better just watch and enjoy.
Take a look at Kendra Wilkinson topless pictures so that you could checkout the difference before and after the surgery.

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May 5, 2014

Rihanna nude pictures

Recently, Rihanna was just another American girl, but a success came to her suddenly and fast. She is a very talented musician and singer. However, she is not just popular as on the scene. What I mean is that you can easily spot Rihanna naked gallery on the web and not just that.

There are plenty of other moments related with Rihanna undressed. I am talking about Rihanna’s sex tape scandal video. It is so embarrassing having this kind of success on the one hand and black background on the other.

But it something that we love about seeing stars naked. For example who would like to watch on Rihanna tits? I guess plenty of people would. And how about watch a photo with Rihanna topless on it? Not so bad idea you say…

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November 10, 2011

Liv Tyler nude

There are a few celebrities that mean a lot to me…and Liv Tyler is one of them…I am very glad that I can choose any celebrity I want and put them on my list of the sexiest female celebrities…But that is not enough for Liv, as I need to discuss her with you…I like her so much, I like her big lips that I would kiss for hours and hours…I like her face so much…she is so pretty and that is what kind of woman I like…anyway I have this picture of Liv Tyler nude and I would like to rate it, but only after a short review.

She is 32 years old, but what the hell am I saying? Never mind…it is just a formality as she looks like she is 25 or something around that.

The more I am getting to the end of this review, the more I am making sure that Liv is a perfect woman for me…I mean you know that I like tall woman, right…And it happens pretty often that you like some woman, you like the way she looks, but unfortunately you will know that she is not tall as you thought…But here, everything is so far so good…Liv’s height is 5’10…she is tall woman and I like that a lot.

Liv Tyler boobs are quite big and elastic…I just in love with them…And I suggest you to see a lot of different photos of Liv Tyler topless on the web.

Liv Tyler ass is something that I like the most about her…she is so hot with that ass…oh man… I lose control…

That is the end of this review of Liv Tyler undressed and my rate for this is nothing but five stars out of five…Liv, you are gorgeous.

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October 21, 2011

Brande Roderick nude pics

Today I would like to introduce you this gorgeous picture of Brande Roderick nude that will be our target for now… Please seat comfortable as we are about to start.

I would like to start with Brande Roderick age… it is always interesting to know the age of your favorite celebrity… especially for women and you want to know why… because they compare them to those female celebrities and try to look as much younger as possible… and if you ask what about guys… I will tell you that for us age is just a line between cutie pie and hot mama… something like that… Most women think that if a man is pretty young he won’t look at pretty hot woman who is beyond 35 or even 40… but they are wrong… We like hot mamas as well… don’t get me wrong. Anyway, we were talking about Brande Roderick and I want you to know that she is 35 years old at the moment and I have to add that she surely looks much younger I would say on 7 years younger… If you look at Brande Roderick playboy pictures you will understand that this kind of sexuality cannot be taken away by the time.

Another thing is her height which is 5’7… That is an excellent height for being anyone you want… a model, an actress or whatever you wish… I have to say that she looks even taller especially if you watch Brande Roderick undressed pictures.

Now I would like to say something about Brande Roderick boobs that are just big and elastic… I think these babies ain’t natural as I see many signs of plastic surgery involved… but the result is gorgeous besides huge spots around her nipples… I want you to watch Brande Roderick topless pictures.

Brande Roderick ass is pretty curvy and I just love to watch it… She has the most amazing ass I have ever met… You know what can be better than just her bare ass… only Brande Roderick bikini pictures.

That is the end and I am rating this nice pic of Brande Roderick exposed with five out of five.

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