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May 22, 2014

Britt Ekland nude

Please be aware of the fact that these Britt Ekland nude pics can shock you as she is so damn sexy.

You know she is the best looking blond I have ever seen. Of course in nowadays there are some women that can top the way she looked when she was young but I wasn’t mean this time. Back in 70’s all men would chasing her photographs and asking her to give them autographs because she was simply a sex symbol, that’s it. I love watching her naked but unfortunately there is not that much shots of her without clothes. But anyway, we have some of them so you might want to check it out. And right now let’s see on this picture that I have prepared and I am just absolutely sure that you will love it.

She is looking there as some kind of female James Bond as she is wearing that white shirt that has a number 007 right on her left boob. The fact that she is blond is making this picture even better because these women are always passionate. Moreover, if you doubting that this picture was made as like Bond theme here is another fact. She is holding a gun in her right hand and I love when a woman holds something that looks like man’s tool.

If you watch Britt Ekland naked pictures, I think the first thing you might want to do would be masturbating. So don’t deny yourself as this is something that may give you a lot of pleasure.

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September 22, 2010

Salma Hayek nude

We were watching tons of Salma Hayek nude pictures and there were real ones among them and fake ones as well. But the point is that not all of them are easy to find. You may count yourself lucky as you came to the right place.

How about this from her? “I’ve stolen a couple of hearts and they are in my private collection” Everybody knows how hot and passionate Mexican women can be. Salma is not just one of them, she is a sex symbol of Mexico I guess… Well, even if it is not like that, I think there should be. I can only imagine how it was hard for those men whose hearts were stolen by this gorgeous woman. She could probably do ten times more but I guess Salma is not that wild to break hearts. She is more like feminist and she can revenge to us, men.

This only makes me feel even more excited and I wish I was her slave. In fact I would do anything more than that, just to see Salma Hayek naked. If she wanted to punish all men in some one person then I want to be one. But it seems that some of you also want to get some spankings from her.

I wish you all best because I am not sure we can see each other here anymore… Hah, just kidding fellows. I will be off this weekend so be prepared for some new shots from Salma on the next week… Have a nice day my dear friends and enjoy those pics.

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