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August 31, 2011

Demi Moore sex scene

Today I saw Demi Moore sex movie that calls About last night…I thought you might be interested in that sex scene with her and the other guy..But that is not the only scene that I have included in this review…there is also a sex scene in Indecent Proposal movie with Woody Harrelson…Both of them are pretty good…but to make this review more interesting and competitive I am going to make a competition between this two movies and two sex scenes…I think this is just great idea…but remember…we are not movie experts, so that is why we will not be judging such things like scenarios of these two movies or something else…we are just judging these two sex scenes and at the end we have to decide which scene gets first place.

I would like to start with About last Night movie…The scene starts in a shower. Demi Moore naked is kissing a guy so passionate and claims on him by holding his neck and embracing his body with her legs…They are making sex so hard and so passionate and I have to say it has a lot of realism…I am so jealous to that guy, although I know that was not real sex, but still…he got her on the top of him and that is enough to be jealous.

On the other hand, we have Demi Moore sex video from Indecent proposal movie with Woody Harrelson…Speaking about her partner…I don’t think that he is a good lover…good comic? Sure…but anyway this scene has a lot of passion and realism…It is happening on the floor of the kitchen…Woody is on the top of Demi Moore nude and he is kidding her boobs…Man…that is one lucky bastard…no offence Woody, you are cool man anyway…They are rolling over the floor and making out love…

I think I know who the winner is…it is sex scene from Indecent Proposal…

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September 22, 2010

Anna Nicole Smith sex tape

What do you think about Anna Nicole Smith naked? I am saying that this is the most beautiful thing. Her elastic and shapely forms are just a pleasure to watch. Her blond and sexy hair lying on her naked shoulders and her look penetrating your heart and melting it, are just magnificent event. I bet you want her right here and right now…But be a little bit patient and you will see soon Anna Nicole Smith sex tape with her boyfriend. Yeas, that is right…sex tape. Now I think you are more interested, right? I know that because when the talk goes about somebody’s sex tape, the conversation is taking a completely opposite side. I do not know why, but there was always something special about celebrity sex tapes. I know many people who collect them. And I am sure that they are waiting this Anna Nicole Smith sex video with a big anticipation, because it would be a very honorable addition for their collection. Now, let’s see and talk about what is on this tape and what kind of scenario is hiding there.

The boyfriend of Anna Nicole has made a statement that their sex tape which was made on Bahamas has been stolen. There were a lot of sex scenes of both of them. Anna Nicole Smith tits can be seeing pretty well on that tape. The quality should be good, as it was made recently and the camera on what they were recording was pretty good.

Now, her boyfriend is afraid that the tape can be shown online, which is happening already. But there is nothing to be afraid of pal…If you fucked Anna Nicole Smith, you just have to be proud of it, as you are the luckiest man on the planet. Or even if you just saw Anna Nicole Smith pussy, you can count that you are lucky. So I am saying to that guy, there is nothing to be afraid of.

From the above review, I have made this allegation, that Anna Nicole Smith sex video with her boyfriend deserves grade A, and nothing but that.

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