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June 6, 2014

Valerie Allain nude

Oh boy, you do know that this post has some illustrations of Valerie Allain nude, don’t you? I am just afraid for ya’ll. Do you think you can handle that kind of baby?

There is this movie that I forgot the name of and there is a photo of one sex scene with Valerie and some lucky son of a bitch. It was probably casted in 70’s or maybe a bit later so that’s exactly why you can see that old fashioned decoration of that room where the scene was running and she has got some old fashioned hairstyle as well. Let’s me tell you that this picture has got to be discussed right now, otherwise we will lose a lot. So, while you are masturbating or something I think you should pay a bit attention to what I say below.

First of all, that scene was going probably after they had sex because we can see them happy, satisfied and their hairs are pretty messy. Remember I said above that this man is the luckiest person I have ever seen? Do you know why I said that? Just because he saw Valerie Allain naked in real life and all we can afford would only be her photos. But we should be happy with what we have and hope for the best.

I don’t think that this guy has made some nice career out of this movie and I say his acting skills suck. By the way if you look at this guy on that photo you will probably say he looks like that dude from Lost called Bune.

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May 12, 2014

Harley Jane Kozak nude

Take a step forward so that you could checkout Harley Jane Kozak nude pictures that I have got right here. Don’t you think she looks like a whore on them by the way?

She is my favorite baby and I wouldn’t anyone think he or she is Kim’s bigger fan than I am. This woman is an idol for all the other females and she is a sexy symbol for a lot of men, at least for me. I don’t know what I would do without that baby… Anyway, we both know why you’re here, don’t we? You want to masturbate on her pictures, right? Of course, and that’s something I might help you with if you do as I say. First of all, let’s name some movies with her naked scenes and maybe that will help you to memorize something.

Let’s start with the most popular The Getaway with some amazing snapshots on Harley Jane Kozak naked and even her sex scenes. Oh yeah, there were like three to four scenes where she has to strip out and that was amazing though. Right now you won’t see her fresh movies where she would be asked to get undressed as she is quite expensive celebrity right now.

The other film is The Door in The Floor and to me it was like watching porn because there were so many sex act scenes that I was like “Come on, is that a movie or a porn? Are you kidding me?”

No we have to close this review as I got quite tired so I will go to sleep now.

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May 9, 2014

Jennifer Connelly nude

I can bet you came here for these Jennifer Connelly nude pictures because there shouldn’t be any other reason to visit this website.

If you are trying to find here something else besides all those fancy and gorgeous pics, then how about this quotation from Jenny? “Everything changes as a mother. Yes, work has changed.” The only thing I can see that has changed is that we won’t see Jennifer Connelly naked in movies again. Or maybe we will, but not right now as her kid is too young. And in about five years I think it is going to be too late for appearing naked.

As usual, after a quote goes some trivia which sounds like this. She was named one of the top 50 Most Beautiful People and that’s a fact my friends. I don’t see any reason why she shouldn’t be on that list. Of course, some of you might say it was a long time ago and she was 31 years old right there. But even if she is 39 right now, I don’t think that she couldn’t be on this list again. Maybe she would be on some lower position than in previous time but the thing is she will definitely be there again. Do you know what it needs to get there again? In my own opinion I think she has to cast in some fresh movie with at least once sex scene there. People need to recognize her talent again and she has it in her blood. Can somebody help her? Hello? I am referring to the world’s known directors.

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September 22, 2010

Helen Mirren naked

I think many of you will appreciate something I have prepared for them… How about checking out Helen Mirren naked in some movies? This is something every her single fan has done already and today you are going to be next.

I would like to introduce you this movie called Hussy featuring Helen Mirren boobs exposed lying in bath… But this is not all as there are also some nice views of her sex scene there while she is making out with some fellow.

Next movie is Savage Messiah

Have I mentioned she is old? Oh yeah, I guess I did… Anyway, old people have always got something wise to say so let’s checkout Helen’s quote for now. “The trick in life is learning how to deal with it.” I still can’t deal with those pictures of Helen Mirren naked I have found on the web… but I can deal with my life so far. This is true because there is nothing more important in the whole world than learning how to live and how to deal with life. That is pretty hard to do but nobody said life is easy, right? Sometimes people like her should remind us that and I want to thank her for this wise suggestions.

I bet this review wasn’t bad at all, don’t you think so? Anyway, I have to end up this so no offence and hard feelings either… We can continue tomorrow.

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Angelina Jolie sex scene

Many of you have noticed that I start writing reviews on celebrities sex scenes…I think it is ten times better than celebrities sex tapes as there are better quality and there is always a plot…Celebrities just can’t hold their camera straight…Anyway, here I have Angelina Jolie sex scenes that I have watched in different movies and I am about to discuss as many of them as I can…

Have you saw GIA movie? Me neither…I just saw few parts with Angelina Jolie sex video…Here you can see her kissing and performing a sexual act with another woman…her name is Elizabeth Mitchell if that tells you something…If you watch this scene carefully you can see Angelina Jolie naked putting her tongue in to Elizabeth mouth…I was totally shocked when I saw this movie…I have always imagine Angelina having sex with some other woman and here it is…You can see another scene in this GIA movie, just where Angelina Jolie is showering with Elizabeth Mitchell together…They are touching each other there and hugging, but you will not see anything more than that in this scene…

You can see many others movies with her participation in sex scenes like in Hell’s Kitchen, Pushing tin, Taking lives and Foxfire…But I think the most famous celebrity sex scene you can call the scene of Original Sin with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas in it…That is the best scene I know…They are making love there so realistic and with a huge passion, that I think when Brad Pitt watches it, he asks Angie if Antonio is better in bed than he is…
Angelina Jolie nude having hard and passionate sex with Banderas, she screams and gets orgasm…isn’t that just wonderful.

Well, I believe I can’t tell you all and I think it is better for you to watch this Angelina Jolie sex movie…by the way I am rating it with five out of five.

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September 21, 2010

Alyssa Milano sex scene

Starting from today, I am taking a short break from appreciating celebrities nude pics…Instead of that, as you have guessed, I will be evaluating celebrities sex scenes…and Alyssa Milano sex movie is our first target…If you ask me about what kind of criteria should be judged in our sex scene review, I will tell that there are a few of them…First, it is how some particular celebrity looks like in that scene, second is realism and the last thing is decorations, thus where the scene is happening…Now, I would like you to join me in this review of Alyssa Milano sex movie. First of all, we are going to talk about Alyssa Milano sex scene in Embrace of the Vampire movie. I will be honest with you…I didn’t watch this whole movie, but I what I did watch was only Alyssa Milano naked parts. There were a few sex scenes in that movie and I liked two of them…First is when Alyssa Milano having sex with another female…She looks pretty young there…I have to say she looks like she is 25…I can see her boobs, ass and the rest of it. They are kissing each other and that looks very sincere and quite realistic…Maybe Alyssa likes girls? I don’t know. Another sex scene with Alyssa Milano nude is happening in some room with a bed in the middle of it. Now it is a simple, basic, non gay, non lesbian sex…I don’t know who that man is, who kisses her nipples and touches her very private parts, but what I do know is that he was the luckiest man on the planet during this sex scene. I think we have enjoyed by this review…it is really entertaining…Anyway I have to rate this Alyssa Milano sex video from one to five…I believe that nobody will disagree if I give five out of five.

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Alberta Watson nude

If some of you think that I have gone mad as I am about to describe Alberta Watson nude pics…But yeah, maybe she is old as she is 54…I hope you remember her television serial role as sexy and hot Nikita…you can believe men that after you see Alberta Watson naked, you will say “ Damn…she is pretty hot thing for her age”.

As I told you Alberta is 54 now, but she tries to look like she is 30, and I have got to tell you that she is very good at that…I believe she is 30…no kidding.

Her height is 5’8, which is a perfect height for a model, which I think Alberta totally fits…

Now, when you know something about her, I am inviting you to check out Alberta Watson naked parts on this photo, so we could appreciate it then…

I have to say that I have always liked Alberta hairstyle…she totally fits this haircut…

Have you seen yet Alberta Watson boobs…of course I can’t say that they are elastic like they were 20 years ago, however they are alright at the moment…nice tits…

If you look at her now with more attention, you will probably notice how well proportioned her body is…She probably does workouts every day…

Alberta Watson ass looks fabulous…Having this butt, anyone can forget that she is 54…no joking.

Now, as we saw Alberta Watson undressed picture, I would like to rate it with the grade of A…Well done Mrs. Watson…

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