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September 22, 2010

Paris Hilton sex tape

What would you say, if I offer you to watch Paris Hilton sextape? You will probably ask me “which one?” It is not a secret that Paris has got a lot of sex videos and it is hard to impress people with them already. It is because Paris Hilton sex videos were coming on too fast and too often…and when people see something extraordinary very often, it becomes a regular…That is what happening with all new Paris Hilton sex movies…But let’s try to figure out why she is doing them so often and what kind of other videos she has made.

She worked as a model, musician and actress, however modeling career is kind of more successful for Paris, as she is tall and here, you do not have to be smart or say something.

It is not a surprise for people if they see Paris Hilton naked photo…but if we are talking about Paris Hilton sex video, here people will be more interested. Let’s try to discuss her sex tape.

The first thing is scenario…which is very different from one Paris Hilton sex video to another. But a few things combine all of her videos…I mean in all of them she gets fucked, does a blowjob, or you can see Paris Hilton exposed her pussy or boobs on it. So the scenario is very basic like in all of this kind of movies.

Another thing is the quality of that video…in all of Paris Hilton sex movies, the quality is just perfect and you do not have to guess if it is her or if it is Paris Hilton fake. She does not hesitate on these sex videos, instead, she is exposing all of her parts and smiles to the camera.

Paris Hilton tits look pretty big on each of her video, however their shape is kind of messy to me…Her ass looks gorgeous in all sextapes…

I have this feeling that I know why Paris Hilton is making all of those movies…and it is not just for fun…I think she is selling them to the one lucky paparazzi or something like that…Pretty good business you know…she wakes up in the morning, then she calls to her boyfriend or just friend and says ”Hey, you wanna come and fuck me?” And of course he wants…

Anyway, I have to rate this video…So…Good scenario, excellent quality and Paris Hilton…nothing but a purely and glamour A grade for Paris Hilton sextape.

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