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June 16, 2014

Eva Longoria nude pictures

Her full name is Eva Jacqueline Longoria…I think she is perfect…I mean every woman would like to have that body…And when I have found this picture of Eva Longoria naked, I said to myself…It is my duty to please that booty…and in this case it means I should describe this photo and then appreciate. But before I am going to do that, I want you to know a few facts about Eva, which will surely help us to make a decision.

Not many people know the fact that Eva is 34 years old, however if you looks at her body, you will not believe that she is that age…you will say that she is about 23 or something around that. She has done a great job by working on her body…Those of you who wants to have the same at this age…I recommend you to start attending gym every day.

Another thing is that she is only 5’2 height, however well proportioned body is allowing her to look much taller.

Eva Longoria tits are pretty nice, however I think they are small. But the size does not matter much if we are talking about these tits, as their shape is just stunning. I always glad when I find Eva Longoria topless photo on the web.

Eva Longoria ass is something that I want to slap real hard…it is so silky and smooth that I have no words left to describe it.

I am giving to her the grade of A for this picture of Eva Longoria undressed…

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June 12, 2014

Cindy Crawford nude pics

It is not a secret that Cindy is pretty old at the moment…I mean her age…But we will talk about it later. And for now, I would like to break this stereotype about looking good when you are above 40…Some women say it is impossible and some just do it…That is right it is impossible and reachable. Anyway, I have this picture of Cindy Crawford nude that I would like to discuss with you…At the end of this short review, I will grate her pic form one to five…But before that, I think you should know something about her that will help you to rate this pic by yourself.

First of all, she will be 44 years old on February 20 2010…Can you say that she looks like she is beyond 40? I don’t think so…From what I see, I can give her 31 or 32, but not more…She is very good looking woman and she is still sexy as ten years ago…

Second of all, she is pretty tall…Her height is 5’9 and that is what I like the most…Wait a minute…she is hot, she is sexy, gorgeous and she is tall…Ok, now I can announce that Cindy Crawford is an ideal woman…I am being serious.

Now it is time to mention Cindy Crawford boobs…they are quite big and elastic even now…that is incredible…I think they are natural as well…it is easy to detect the fake boobs. If you are not sure with that fact just search Cindy Crawford topless and maybe these pictures will change your opinion on this count.

Cindy Crawford ass I just amazing…I cannot describe how I like her ass, I really don’t…The only thing that I can say is that there is no woman on this planet who has something like that…and the more I find Cindy Crawford bikini pictures, the more I am getting confident about it.

This is the end of this review and I would like to rate this pic with a purely five out of five.

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June 10, 2014

Tila Tequila nude photos

Her real name is Tila Nguyen. She was born on October 24, 1981 in Singapore, but after the war in Vietnam Tila with her family has moved to Houston, Texas. She is known as American glamour model and singer.

Another thing that is so popular about her is Tila Tequila naked photos. People just love to watch ho Tila stripping or tanning topless. She is pretty tough, although she is not in my type. But just look at that picture of her…Doesn’t she look sexy? I bet she is. Tila Tequila tits are a perfect size, and that is probably thanks to surgery. But who cares…If it looks good and sexy. Her belly is also pretty nice and you can be sure that she is having exercises very often. Her nose as well as her face is very small and many people like that.

Tila Tequila ass is not that big, but not too small either. Look how she touching her butt on that picture…isn’t that just lovely.

It is not a secret that Tila is a bisexual and that is another factor why Tila is so loved in the whole world. But being that sexy as she this fact is only giving her benefits in her career and popularity.

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June 8, 2014

Rihanna sex tape

Who would know that such a young and modest girl like Rihanna will purchase her own sextape? From the beginning, people would not believe that Rihanna sextape exists. Many said that it is just Rihanna fake on it and stuff like that, but when millions watched this tape, they start to believe that this is her…And that is how it happens. First you hear, then you see and then you make yours conclusion…By the way, to make a conclusion on this case, I have to make a little overview about what is on this sextape…So here we go, appreciating Rihanna sex tape, which she does by herself.

As I always start from the scenario, I have to say that there is nothing special about this sextape. Here you can see only Rihanna naked and exposing all of her parts. She is recording herself in different poses on her cellphone. The quality, which is another aspect of rating this tape, is pretty good, although Rihanna is not best in taking a nice and clear shot. She did not pick the right brightness and on some pictures with a flashlight, she made them look very messy. As she was doing that by herself, I have got to say that she has done pretty well…

You can see Rihanna tits pretty clear in her sextape. They are big and elastic and she has got a big nipples.

Another part that is seen well is Rihanna pussy…Oh yeah…you can see even how she touches herself there…

Rihanna ass is also on this sextape…She has got a quite big butt, which cannot be confused with any other ass…It is her ass and no one else’s.

By summarizing information, that is above, I have to say that Rihanna sextape deserves A grade for making it alone with a quite simple scenario and good enough quality, which helped us to make a statement that this is not Rihanna fake, it is her and no one else…Good job Rihanna, I hope you can do a lot more sometime…We will be waiting for your next sextape with the anticipation.

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June 4, 2014

Catalina Larranaga nude

Who wants to see something spicy? Ok, I see a lot of people coming here. Alright, as we have some people here are Catalina Larranaga nude pictures so there is nothing left for you as to enjoy.

This picture I got right here is making me want to say some stupid story that I was in one day. But first, let me tell you what is going on here on that pic as you should know that to understand my story.

This is a snapshot from some low budget erotic movie and obviously she was playing there more than once. I can see Catalina Larranaga naked on that shot and she is standing in the center of lighted candles. The other girl that is blond seems to leaking her pussy and that is some kind lesbian film I think. Catalina is enjoying so damn nice and she is hugging her head so that woman probably didn’t take it off and continued to do that. This is pretty familiar with my story but I wasn’t leaking there anything.
At one party there was a girl that was drunk and I took her upstairs in my room. Oh yea, I forgot to tell that this party was at my place so it was easier for me to get laid. When we came to my bed I started to get her undressed and the same thing she would do for me.

When I was kissing her from her mouth and then lower and lower till her bellybutton, she pulled my head down right to her pussy. But I am not that kind of guy that will leak, no way man. I didn’t do that and she was upset so basically, you can say “No sex”.

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May 31, 2014

Patsy Kensit nude pics

I saw today Patsy Kensit naked pictures and I thought you might be interesting in this amazingly gorgeous woman… that is why I have decided to make a short review about this picture of Patsy Kensit nude and of course about herself as well.

If you want to know Patsy Kensit age, I will tell you that she is 30… ok, I am kidding as she is 41 at the moment… but who is kidding me or she? I believe she because look at her, so young and still hot and she is 41… no way I am would believe that if I saw her for the first time. How it is possible to look like that when you are above 40… I think all women should put her as an example.

Now, I want you to look carefully and say to me… Do you think she is tall? I bet you do, but it ani’t like that as her height is only 5’5… pretty average for a woman. But I can swear that I thought she is about 5’11 or something like that… When I look at Patsy Kensit undressed picture I said… wow, she has got so long and shapely legs… she is probably tall… But no, she is not… Man, I am so unlucky right now… you know I like tall woman, especially when they that hot and perfect like Patsy… damn… it is unfair I would say… Anyway, she looks much taller on her pics rather than she is.

Patsy Kensit boobs are just amazing… I wish every woman could have boobs like that and I think they wish the same for themselves. If you ask me about if they are real, then I will tell you yes… definitely real and natural… whatever… However, that is only my opinion and you can see that for yourself… The only thing you need to do is to watch other pictures of Patsy Kensit topless.

Patsy Kensit ass is just magnificent… It is so attractive that right now I am typing this and watch on Patsy Kensit bikini pictures… for real… that is not a problem for me.

That is the end of our review and I have to say that this picture of Patsy Kensit exposed along with its main character get nothing but a purely five out of five.

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May 30, 2014

Jennifer Love Hewitt nude pics

Today I have watched this Jennifer Love Hewitt naked photo, and I was thinking about that all this time I couldn’t see all of her sexuality and I really regret that, mostly because it is a shame when you can’t notice the whole beauty and just ignore it or don’t know anything about it. But I am going to change that today, as I am about to tell you about how gorgeous she is.

First of all, it is a known fact that Jennifer is 30 years old, however her body is a lot younger than her age. At this picture we see super sexual Jenny totally naked and just covering herself with a towel. Man, this pose is just stunning, correct me if I am wrong…

Jennifer Love Hewitt haircut is wonderful and very stylish. Her face is pretty and especially I like her nose, which is so shapely and just perfect. She looks like she is sweat on this photo, but maybe she just got out from shower and didn’t dry completely. But anyway, that just makes her look more sexy and desirable.

Taking a step down, I have to say something about Jennifer Love Hewitt tits. They are just perfect and not too big. I was very glad when I first saw Jennifer Love Hewitt topless.

This woman will be attracting all the attention for many years, as this beauty will not stay covered by the emptiness and ignoring.

Jennifer Love Hewitt ass is the most beautiful part of her body…at least to me…Look how she spread her legs and seating on the silky blanket with silky pillows.

How would you be if I’d offered you to watch Jennifer Love Hewitt playboy photos? You would probably say “Yes”. I am totally with you, as a girl like this in this magazine worth a lot.

Well, Jennifer Love Hewitt deserves grade A with plus, as being that hot in her age is not easy, but she has made it.

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May 28, 2014

Lindsay Lohan sex tape

Many people know that Lindsay has not become popular by acting and singing…I am saying that because her arrests and bad behavior with using alcohol and drugs have become like daily news.

But apart from that, I have found something on the web, that has attracted millions of people about her…I am talking about Lindsay Lohan sextape with her ex- boyfriend Calum Best. So here we have something to discuss today…

First thing is first…I have to tell you about scenario…It is pretty simple as it consists of Lindsay Lohan blowjob. She is sucking her ex’s dick on that tape pretty accurate. But let me ask you something…Are you sure that this is her? Or this is Lindsay Lohan fake sextape? I can’t say for sure as the quality of that sex video is pretty low and I can’t see her face on it.

The hairstyle looks like it is Lindsay’s, face lines are also familiar with hers. Well…let’s say for sure that this is Lindsay, so it would be easier for me to describe. But I promise you, we will make some conclusion at the end.

As you can see, Lindsay Lohan boobs can be noticed on that video as well as her naked ass…She is working hard on her blowjob, probably to satisfy her boyfriend there…which is lying and not moving. It is obvious why…if Lindsay were giving me a head, I would stay still till the end too…

Concerning the quality of Lindsay Lohan blowjob, I have to say that she is not mature in it, however you can see her trying. If it was her first time, I have to say she did well…But what am I saying? First time…Lindsay is 23, her first blowjob experience should be back in high school…or maybe I am wrong…correct me if I am wrong.

Now, it is time to make a conclusion. We have a simple scenario, bad quality sextape and of course we have Lindsay Lohan on it. But I want you to keep in mind that we are not sure if this is her at all. So here it is…my own conclusion…I am saying that this is Lindsay Lohan indeed…because I have watched that video several times with a lot of details…

Despite the fact that the quality of this tape is low, I am rating this video with the grade of B, mostly because of Lindsay Lohan was trying very hard…

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May 27, 2014

Hayden Panettiere nude photos

We all know her by the “Heroes” serial. She played a school cheerleader, which was very young and modest there. Nobody could see how sexy she can be, because you couldn’t see Hayden Panettiere topless there. But here she is…teasing us with her naughty and sexuality.

She holds a hoop in her hands on this picture. It is sort of innocent thing in the hands of completely bad girl Hayden Panettiere undressed on this photo. She stands there in a pink pants and bra and holding a pink hoop… what a harmony you say.

Look and her sexy belly…although you can’t see her abs on it, but this piercing makes her so hot, that you can forget about those damn abs… it is ten times better for a girl like this.

Hayden Panettiere boobs are not too small and not too big… they are just right shape. Her hairstyle is so beautiful and her look is pretty confident. It seems that she knew exactly how she should pose on this picture.

Hayden Panettiere pants are pink and sexy…but I bet you think it would be better if on this pic there would not be any pants…instead, Hayden Panettiere exposed her naked ass and pussy… that is what you think…don’t you?

But I am sure it is plenty of time and maybe someday we will see Hayden Panettiere playboy pictures, where she stands totally naked…

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May 24, 2014

Jennifer Connelly nude

Welcome to Jennifer Connelly nude pictures website where you will find a lot of shots of this hot celebrity.

If you don’t mind I will say a few words about her career. To be precise, let’s discuss one of her movies called The Hot Spot. First of all, if you don’t have enough time for at least watching some snapshots out of that movie, then please try to. This is something you shouldn’t miss and you will understand that only after watching.

But do you know what? I think I should just put here a few descriptions of some hot scenes featuring Jennifer Connelly topless. Aha, now I am sure you are quite interested because I said something that’s related with boobs. Oh yeah, she has got pretty big size by the way and those babies are natural. By the way, it is quite rare event to see some hottie with big natural tits as a lot of them do plastic surgery with those big implants. Anyway, let’s focus on this movie. Now, what can you expect to see in it? First is that you will see her topless on the beach with some other girl but before that she will be walking there in her hot black bikinis. Next thing you know, she is totally naked already and while she is tanning you can see everything from the top to the bottom. And when she rolls over on her back there is a two seconds moment when you can see her standing in doggy style.

Do watch it so you don’t regret it.

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