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June 17, 2014

Hilary Duff nude pics

Beauty Hilary is one of the hottest female celebrities of Hollywood. She likes to showing off as in public as well as on television. But it is pretty clear why, as she got a lot to show to all people. This beauty should not be hided.

Let’s check out this Hilary Duff naked photo. She surely looks confident as she knows how sexy and hot she is. Not all women can say the same about them, but Hilary knows that about herself so this is not a secret.

She has got the most beautiful eyes and sexy hairstyle. I do like how she smiles… it looks like an innocent smile, however it also reflects sexuality and wildness. Her thighs are jest wonderful and gorgeous and her legs itself are pretty long and shapely. Hilary Duff ass is very elastic and sexy. She probably does a lot of workouts in order to be in that shape where she is now. Way to go girl.

Hilary Duff boobs look pretty big, however not too much. It is something with a medium size, or maybe a little bit bigger. They are so elastic and shapely also. A lot of us would like to see Hilary Duff topless, as she surely has something to show.

Does anybody saw Hilary Duff playboy photos? Oh boy… It we are all should see them. In anyway, Hilary has nice pictures of her in many other famous magazines, and I am sure this is not her limit.


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May 10, 2011

Lady Gaga nude hot pictures

Now it is time for Lady GaGa to show us all of her naked parts. She has always dressed like she is not from this planet, but that doesn’t make her look less attractive. But on this picture, we can see Lady Gaga boobs, which are pretty medium size and they are of course elastic.

She looks pretty tanned here, but I have to admit that this color suits her well.

Lady GaGa playboy photos can soon be found on the web…and I have got to tell you this will be a great event for her fans and for other people.

I like Lady GaGa ass on this pic. It is shapely and pretty big, however not too much…it is just perfect.

By the way, have you noticed Lady GaGa tattoos? Looks sexy to me…

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November 25, 2010

Vida Guerra Playboy pictures posing naked

Good news everybody…I am taking a break from rating the hottest female celebrities photos that are on my list and I am starting to rate celebrities playboy photos. I know that if they are in playboy, that means this photos are already great…Yeas, that is true, but if there are many different celebrities who are in that magazine, that means they can compete against each other and I will judge them, but only with your help. So, our first and hot female celebrity will be Vida Guerra…I know, many of you can ask why her…but I think she deserves to be first as she is not afraid of stripping. I say this Vida Guerra playboy photo today on the web and I want to share it with you…After my short review we will make an overall rate for this pic.

First I would like to mention her age…she is 35 years old, but I think she looks like she is back 25, right? She probably stay that hot for the next 20 years, that is for sure. Her height is only 5’3, but I think her long and gorgeous legs making her look a bit higher.

I think that Vida Guerra boobs look just perfect on that photo, aren’t they? So big, so perfect…oh…she is lucky…Many people are just dreaming to see Vida Guerra topless at least once…

As I am going from the top to the bottom, I would like now to mention Vida Guerra ass…It is very big and just perfect…I think every woman dreams about ass like that. And what about me…I would like to see Vida Guerra bikini shot that would be made only for me.

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