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September 21, 2010

One Night in Paris

Watching Paris Hilton naked is something that we get used to, probably because she makes her sex tapes too often and everybody know what to expect. If Paris wants to grab our attention, she has got to do a lot better than that…something that is bigger than just a sex tape and that requires any talent…Oh I am sorry…I forgot that Paris talentless…although wait a minute…that is her talent…making bad porn movies…But I am sure Paris knows that this is cheap…A lot of non famous young women could do the same, only for free… We are all now several Paris Hilton sex tapes mostly with her boyfriend Rick. But this video, one night in Paris, differs from the rest of her another sex tapes. This video deserves a little bit attention, although there is nothing special about it either, as you saw Paris Hilton boobs thousands of times. As we always start with scenario, I have to say that there is no deep thought in this…It is just simple porn movie, which lasts about an hour. You can see here Paris Hilton blowjob to her boyfriend Rick Solomon. She sucks and she does a hand job too. Also, Rick Solomon fucks Paris Hilton very hard. Her ass cannot be seeing very often, however you can see Paris Hilton pussy all the time. By the way, do you know who was directing that Paris Hilton sex video? It is Johny Fly. It was directed in 2004 by the Red Light District Video studio. Now it is time to talk about the quality of one night in Paris movie…I have to say that the definition is pretty high, the lighting is very poor and you will have to tense your eyesight if you want to watch this video with more detail. Paris, face it, you cannot pick the right light…and this is not a first time…Even the worse porn filmmaker could do ten times better than she is. So after this review, I have to say that Paris Hilton sex video one night in Paris deserves nothing but grade of C+ and that is it…Bad light, stupid scenario and bad Paris Hilton.

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