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June 6, 2011

Paige Turco nude

Hey, it is me again. Yeah, that’s right, today we have Paige Turco nude pictures so please seat comfy as I am starting this review.

I hope that this picture will bring you back to life as Paige is so hot there that I don’t think any woman can top her here. Ok, here is what I see.

Imagine yourself some luxury apartment or a house that has some old fashioned but classic interior. The floor is made from wood, walls are red and painted in something and there are these big and silk blankets just like in theatres but of course smaller. Anyway, she is standing up against the wall on one leg as the other one helps her to rely on that wall. Her hands are putted together and she is wearing some business lady outfit that consists of that tight mini dress before her knees and this gorgeous black jacket with sleeves and an opened place on her chest. Oh my, she is just some hot boss or something and I would love to work on her. In fact I would do anything if I knew that at the end I will see Paige Turco naked.

She seems to look like Julia Roberts there, don’t you think the same way? They have familiar lips and smile I think. By the way, she is standing just like a whore there because that’s how they’re standing, right? Haven’t you seen them? Oh, you definitely need to come to Brooklyn as that’s where I live. We got plenty of hookers there and I know every single of them but not that close as you thought.

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September 22, 2010

Imogen Thomas nude

You know, I have noticed that the more celebrities I put on my list the less gorgeous I found among them…I mean there are many of them gorgeous and stuff like that, but not many that I could say…Wow just look at that woman, she is just perfect and I am just in love with her…But, here we have a very unique example… Meet today’s our guest Imogen Thomas… This is just an example of what it is like to be a woman…She represent woman… all women… She is the most beautiful I know…no kidding. I would give anything to be with that woman…The word beautiful in all dictionaries should be explained as Imogen Thomas… Oh my, I am so happy that I am a witness of Imogen Thomas naked pictures…many people don’t even know that this perfect woman exists… Too bad and I feel sorry for them. Do you know that she was named Miss Wales 2003? Oh yeah, in fact, I would named her as Miss Planet 2010… Honestly, if I could, I would do that for sure and without any doubts… Anyhow, here is Imogen Thomas nude picture that I am going to discuss. I hope you can join me at this review as believe me…you don’t want to miss this cutie pie.

Imogen Thomas boobs are just freaking gorgeous…Look at them… so big and so natural…no signs of plastic surgery involved…They are elastic and smooth as well… that is just a dream of any woman I think. You just have to watch Imogen Thomas topless gallery…

Her body is something perfect… I can’t describe it with some other word… and I think it is stupid to say about it something else.

Imogen Thomas ass is also a dream of any man…I want to touch it at least once, but I can’t…that is too bad as her ass is pretty big and athletic… so elastic and shapely…my, oh my…Do watch Imogen Thomas bikini pictures.

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Amanda Beard Playboy sexy pictures

I think it is great to have nude female celebrities on Playboy…I mean it is unbelievable feeling when you watch on some famous naked butt or boobs…You do know that there are almost zero chances that some female celebrity will strip for you…It is too much honor to strip only for one unknown person…but, if we are talking about the crowd, about all of us, that changes the whole thing up. The more people like someone in particular, the more chances that this celebrity will pose naked for Playboy magazine. For example let’s take Amanda Beard playboy pics…Do you think she volunteered for being on this magazine? I don’t think so…She agreed on this proposal which offered to her due to her sexuality and quite big popularity. So now, I want you to follow me as we are about to discuss this one pic of Amanda Beard nude.

I think it is great to put the hottest female athletes on Playboy. Amanda is surely an excellent example of that.

She is 28 years old and I think she looks much younger than that…and her height is 5’9, so in my opinion I can call her a perfect woman as she is tall and sexy…

Now let’s say something about Amanda Beard boobs…I think they are just gorgeous and of course they are real…no doubt about it. I like their shape and I just love that they are elastic as well…If you don’t see that from this pic, maybe then you should checkout on Amanda Beard topless pictures…

What about Amanda Beard ass? Oh…I can see that it is so gorgeous and athletic butt…I wish every woman would have the same and I am sure they dream about too. I encourage you to go and watch Amanda Beard bikini photos on the web.

This is it about Amanda Beard naked pic and I am rating it with five out of five.

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September 21, 2010

Adrianne Curry Playboy pics

Today I saw Adrianne Curry playboy pictures and I was quite surprised…I have never seen her anywhere before and then this picture comes out…Of course I regret that I did not know here earlier, but I am sure I have a lot of time to know her better and watch her photos. I have one of Adrianne Curry nude pics that I would like to discuss with you.

Adrianne has a gorgeous body and I think she is one of the hottest female celebrities who have ever been on Playboy. I am not saying that just from nowhere…take a look for yourself…don’t you think she is one of the hottest? I believe you do. She is 27 years old, however this is just a formality, as when you see woman like this you will say that she is about 22 or 23…for real…I am starting to think that in about 10 or 20 years Adrianne will be as sexy as now and she will keep her forms. Her height is 5’10 and I think this is just wonderful. I believe, when a woman is gorgeous, sexy and at least 5’7 tall, she can be called a perfect woman… Now let’s talk about Adrianne Curry breasts…What do you think of them? If you ask me, I would say that her boobs are not too big, but they are perfect…I like their shape and I don’t care if it is silicon. I saw Adrianne Curry topless pics and I have to say she has got amazing tits that deserve to be called perfect… Speaking about Adrianne Curry ass, I want to say that she has got the cutest butt among all the women and I think her ass and thighs look kind of athletic and pretty big, which is good. I want you to see Adrianne Curry bikini pictures, so you could better estimate them. This is the end and I am rating this photo of Adrianne Curry naked with five out of five.

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