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June 16, 2014

Drew Barrymore nude pics

Many people find Drew the sexiest woman of Hollywood. I think she deserves to be one of the sexiest female celebrities, because she is very beautiful and simply gorgeous. Today I was looking at Drew Barrymore naked pictures, and I have to say I have seen better, but she is beautiful in her way and that pushed me to write about this picture…I hope you can join me in this review so we could evaluate Drew Barrymore naked photo together.

But as usually, two more facts about Drew…She is 34 years old, but she is still young and she looks like she is 25 or something…I can’t say that she is tall, but that is not much important as everything in her body in well proportioned…I mean her long legs are pretty good combine with her torso…Her height is 5’4, but on television and on pictures she looks much taller…

Drew Barrymore tits are pretty big of size…I am not sure if she does ever a plastic surgery, but anyway her boobs look gorgeous…

Talking about her belly, I can say that it is not much athletic, but it looks sexy…the only thing which missing is piercing on her bellybutton…you do remember that I told you I like this thing on women body…looks very sexy…

Now it is time to say something about Drew Barrymore ass…It is quite big, but not too much…very smooth and soft…man I want to touch it…but I can’t…

So…here we are…It is time for us to rate this photo of Drew Barrymore undressed…I think it will be fair If I give for this photo the grade of B…no offence Drew…

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May 6, 2014

Ashley Judd nude pics

I have to say that after I saw Ashley Judd naked photo I start to think that she is the hottest female actress of Hollywood. I mean if you look at her closely, you will see all her beauty. So, we have this photo of Ashlee Judd nude and I would like you to join me as I am about to rate this pic after this short review.

First, I have to say that Ashley is 41, but she surely looks younger 30…It takes a lot of job to keep this beauty when you are at that age…I think all women should put Ashley Judd as an example of sexuality…

Her height is 5’7 and this is a purely modeling height. Combination of her well proportioned body with her long legs makes Ashley look even taller on her pics.

Now where was I? Oh yeah…I think Ashley Judd boobs are just perfect…they are so elastic and shapely that I think these babies are one of the rarest tits that women can have…I like to watch Ashley Judd topless pics on the web…

Have you thought about Ashley Judd playboy pictures? I have to say that she looks stunning on them.

Her belly is very sexy and strong enough…I mean it is seen well that she does exercises all the time…

Ashley Judd ass is another thing why I like her so much…It is very shapely and elastic…I wish I could tweak her butt at least once.

I think it is enough for today and we can easily rate Ashley Judd undressed picture. My rate is five stars for this pic and that is it…She deserves that for being that hot.

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July 26, 2011

Dana Gillespie nude

Have you seen Dana Gillespie nude pictures on some other websites? If that’s so, then ok because I thought this one is the only one right here.

The best thing of having that kind of old celebrity on my website is the fact that some long time ago she was pretty. That’s right my fellows, she definitely was the prettiest one hot babe and that beauty has gone already as I saw her recent photos and I have to say this wasn’t so good. I mean, what is with her face? It seems that it was twisted or something. But I bet it is a delight for her knowing that we are just crazy about her old pictures, especially where she is exposing herself. Let’s consider on special photo of her where she is dressed just like some kind of whore. I love when celebrities try to look like that and it is very turning me on.

First thing you should know is that this photo is black and white. Relying on those curvy spots of her body and some wrinkly areas I have to say that she was something between 27 and 35 back there. I’ve no idea where the hell I took these numbers from but believe me I know something about women’s age and how they look. She has those tights on her curvy legs and that’s why she seems being quite tall and that outfit with open bra so that you can actually see a part of Dana Gillespie boobs make her look like some real prostitute.

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February 28, 2011

Vikki Blows nude pictures

I didn’t know who she is until I have watched Vikki Blows naked pictures… I thought she is just perfect woman for me… But I have decided to leave that question for this review so you were interested more in that. So, let’s find out if she is perfect woman… Here I have got Vikki Blows nude picture that will help us to decide.

First of all, I have mention her age… She is pretty young as her age is 22 at the moment. But she looks mature and it seems that she is about 25 or something, but that is just because of her gorgeous body. I think when she is 35 we will think she is 25… that is for sure… This woman knows how to look sexy and how to keep her sexuality… Of course I can’t say she attends gym, however her body is naturally well shaped I believe…

When I saw Vikki Blows undressed picture I thought she is pretty tall as she has long legs… But it turns out that she is quite small… her height is only 5’2 and that is the only shortage I have found about her… That means already that she is not perfect for me… I try to be as much objective as I can… But she easily compensates that shortage with her gorgeous and well shaped body.

Vikki Blows boobs are the most gorgeous for today… I have to say that they are quite big, elastic and incredibly smooth… I know that there is a possibility that they are not real, but the point is that they look just wonderful… Good job doctor… whatever your name is… If you think that I am being wrong about her boobs, simply checkout Vikki Blows topless pictures that you can find on the web.

Vikki Blows ass is another thing after her boobs that I like the most… take a look at that… so smooth, just like babies ass… And it is quite elastic… I love to watch Vikki Blows bikini pictures where her ass looks unbelievably hot.

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February 24, 2011

Sarah Chalke nude

Honestly, I don’t find her sexy, but maybe some separate parts of her body…Maybe that is because she plays comedian roles and it is hard to find a comedian sexy, even if we are talking about female. For example I saw this picture of Sarah Chalke nude and I was not impressed. Yeas she is maybe sexy in some way, but to me…no…

Let’s discuss this photo of Sarah Chalke naked together, so we could appreciate it with more objectiveness.

Starting with her age I would like to add that Sarah is 33, but she does not look any younger…I don’t know what the problem is, but the fact is fact…look at her…I can’t say she looks like 25 year old woman…no way man.

The other thing is her height which I actually liked. It is 5’8 and she is totally looks higher on television, probably because of her long legs and shapely body. I don’t know why I don’t find her sexy, but maybe if I saw Sarah Chalke playboy pictures, I would change my mind.

Sarah Chalke boobs is the only part that I like in her body…They are pretty big and I like their shape and the fact that they are still elastic…I can’t say that I saw many photos of Sarah Chalke topless, but some of them I liked a lot.

Speaking about Sarah Chalke ass, I have to say that there is nothing special about it either…Ass like ass…no need to comment…

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October 25, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson nude

What an incredible woman and what a great way to checkout her body… I was talking about Kendra Wilkinson exposed pictures because only on them you will find out everything you want about her sexy body.

Let’s start with Kendra’s bio information like for example her age and height.

She is not tall at all because 5’4 is a very average one for any woman. But if you watch some Kendra Wilkinson undressed pictures and pay attention mostly to her long legs combining with athletic body you will notice that she looks pretty tall. When I saw one of her naked pics for the very first time she seemed to me as a model who is about 5’8 of height or something like that. So now you know that it is not necessary to be tall… it is only enough to look tall.

Now I would like to speak about Kendra Wilkinson ass because right now I am staring at this huge poster of her in bikini hanging right above my computer in my room. It is hard to focus on something else when you see those two gigantic nuts… for real. It is impossible to have ass like that… but obviously I am being wrong again. But be sure that she gained that result only by working on her butt everyday and if you want the same I suggest you to start doing that right from today.

Finally, I would like to say thanks for your support in that review and good bye my friends.

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Whitney Port nude pics

This gorgeous woman is pretty young at the moment and she has the whole life. But right now I have to admit that she is doing well on her career and she is just adorable. That is why I have this picture of Whitney Port nude and making this short review.

Whitney Port age is 24, however it seems that she just got out from her prom… By the way, I bet she was the queen in her school… even if it is not I want to look at that woman who was… Anyway, she looks much younger than she is and I am sure that when she is 30 we will think that she is 10 years younger… It is always great to have 10 years as a reserve…

Now let’s mention her height… She is 5’9 and you should take a look at her long legs… Wow, she looks much taller on her pictures… I thought she was 6 feet or something while I was watching Whitney Port naked pictures… Being that tall is just a great advantage and I like her very much for that…

I am very excited right now as I am about to discuss something very sexy and private… I am talking about Whitney Port boobs that I think are very elastic and shapely… The other thing that you just can’t ignore is their size… Of course I have seen women younger than her and they have bigger size, but her tits are quite big… You can see that from Whitney Port topless pictures… By the way, most of those pics are made on the beach while Whitney was having a rest.

Whitney Port ass is just gorgeous… It is athletic I would say as well and that makes me think that she does a lot exercises pretty often… That is for sure, especially when you look at her belly and this gorgeous abs… I saw a few packs on it… Anyway, I think you should see Whitney Port bikini pics so you could enjoy by her ass.

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