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June 15, 2014

Bridgette Wilson nude

I don’t remember seeing her on television or somewhere else…I know she is pretty popular, but I have met her only today, just when I searched Bridgette Wilson naked pics….I regret only one thing…I wish knew her a few years ago…yep…that would be cool….And just for now…I would like to her on my list of the hottest female celebrities. I don’t think that she can get the VIP place on it, but I think she will be fine with that. That is why I got this picture of Bridgette Wilson nude. I also hope that we can make an overview together and then we are about to rate it.

Before we start, I would like to mention two more things…First is that Bridgette Wilson is 36 years old, but she looks like she is about 25. This is what I call great job…She did a great job to keep her body that young.

Another thing is her height…she is 5’9 tall and that is just a perfect height for a woman….And being that sexy and hot, she deserves to be called an ideal woman…she is my ideal…I am being serious.

Just look at her hair…oh men…I like blonds, but especially Bridgette…she is so pretty…her face, eyes and lips.

Now, let’s talk about Bridgette Wilson boobs…They are elastic and quite big…this is a perfect size to me…Have you appreciate her tits yet? If not, take a look at Bridgette Wilson topless pics.

I want you to look very carefully on Bridgette Wilson ass…can you see how great and big it is? Oh man…I can’t control myself anymore…I cannot believe in that but her thighs are the most gorgeous I saw for my whole life…Checkout Bridgette Wilson bikini pictures…you will be quite surprised.

That I the end of this review and I am rating this pic with five out of five.

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December 25, 2010

Carmen Electra sex tape

Carmen is one of the hottest girls on my list. She is surely can get everything she wants, the only thing she should do is to bend near a man by supposedly picking up something from the floor. Oh yeas…She was the hottest one in 90’ and she is trying to hold that position. But sometimes it happens that you are being forgotten, and the whole attention slips away from you. What will you do? I think Carmen Electra sex tape was a solution to this problem…however there is a possibility that the tape was stolen, like in many other previous cases. But anyway you have to know that the tape exists, although I am very confused about what is happening on it…I would never thought that I will see in this video Carmen Electra lesbian sex with her hot female friend. Do not get me wrong…I am not against lesbian relationships, conversely, I could not believe how happy I am by watching Carmen Electra naked with other hot woman. I think this is a dream of many people, because a lot of us have our own dirty fantasies, and mine has just became a true, as I saw Carmen having sex with the other lady.

But there is something that I am not sure about…I mean I saw how they acting and I have got to tell you that it looked like just acting…you know what I am saying…it was a fake or simulate sex. If it is so, I still regret nothing, because I saw what I was wishing to see. I saw Carmen Electra tits and Carmen Electra pussy…what else? Or yea I forgot…she wears there only black high heels, so I saw Carmen Electra ass too.

During the simulation of lesbian sex, they unzipped cameraman’s trousers…how far they wanted to go?

Looks like this simulation was made only for the public stunt…anyway I liked that sex tape and I recommend you to watch that.

By appreciating all this Carmen Electra sex video, I have to say that I am going to rate that tape with the grade of A.

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September 22, 2010

Anne Hathaway nude

Today I saw Anne Hathaway naked photos, and I have got to tell you she is so beautiful and sexy that I said to myself, man you just have to write about it. Let the world know how sexy she is indeed. She is only 27, but she looks like a 19 year old college girl. It probably takes a lot of time and hard work to be in that shape and that hot.

Anne Hathaway hairstyle is always something that you say gorgeous and stylish. She has many different kinds of haircut and she likes to change them from time to time. I like when she has her hairs on her shoulders which looks damn hot.

Her face is so accurate and pretty. Just look at her eyes…Aren’t they beautiful? Her nose is also of a right shape and her lips are something that you want to kiss all the time. Oh boy, I like her a lot.

Now, let’s get a bit lower so we could appreciate Anne Hathaway boobs. They are pretty elastic. I can’t say that they are big enough, but they are medium size, which exactly all the men like. I would like to add that I want to watch Anne Hathaway topless photos over and over.

I must admit that her body is pretty much of athletic. She likes sports by the way. Her abs is strong enough, which is probably a result of every day workout.

I would like to watch woman like Anne Hathaway undressed, because here you have something you want to look at, because of their gorgeous and shapely bodies. I think all of us would like to comment Anne Hathaway Playboy photos, as it is a pretty big event, and many people would like to be a part of that.

Anne Hathaway ass is just perfect…Not too big, not too small… just right. And also her thighs are not too thin, which is good and most men like that. Her legs are shapely and pretty long as her height is 5’8.

Based on the facts, I put the grade A to Anne Hathaway for a good job on her body, which is a result of an excellent sexuality.

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