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June 14, 2014

Ashley Olsen nude pics

What is the first thing that pops up to your mind when you here twins? If we are talking about female twins, then I always think about having sex with them…But in this case when we are talking about Ashley Olsen…one of the Olsen twins, I can’t think the same as both of them not in my type…But that doesn’t mean I will screw this review and rate Ashley Olsen naked picture with one out of five…of course not…I promise you that I will be as much objective as I am on the other reviews…So here we go, Ashley Olsen nude pic, that we are about to discuss.

Not many of you know how old she is…I am not saying about the other twin sister as they have one birthday date…Ashley is 23 at the moment but I think they looks a bit older or something like that…They look more mature I think…I wonder who will get older faster Ashlee or her sister Mary-Kate that we will talk about later.

I don’t think that there is a big difference in height between these twins however Ashley Olsen is only 5’1…And here I just can’t call her an ideal woman, as she meets maybe two criteria out of 3…she is sexy and beautiful for some people…but she ain’t tall.

Talking about Ashley Olsen boobs, I have to say that they are not big and not too small…they are something between average and small. But anyway her boobs are quite nice, young and elastic…that is way too more important than size…I suggest you to look in Ashley Olsen topless gallery so you could better appreciate them.

Ashley Olsen ass is quite big and sort of athletic…I bet sisters do exercises in the every morning…

I think we have seen enough here…I have to say that I am rating this picture of Ashley Olsen exposed with four out of five. Minus one for not well proportioned body.

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June 12, 2014

Cindy Crawford nude pics

It is not a secret that Cindy is pretty old at the moment…I mean her age…But we will talk about it later. And for now, I would like to break this stereotype about looking good when you are above 40…Some women say it is impossible and some just do it…That is right it is impossible and reachable. Anyway, I have this picture of Cindy Crawford nude that I would like to discuss with you…At the end of this short review, I will grate her pic form one to five…But before that, I think you should know something about her that will help you to rate this pic by yourself.

First of all, she will be 44 years old on February 20 2010…Can you say that she looks like she is beyond 40? I don’t think so…From what I see, I can give her 31 or 32, but not more…She is very good looking woman and she is still sexy as ten years ago…

Second of all, she is pretty tall…Her height is 5’9 and that is what I like the most…Wait a minute…she is hot, she is sexy, gorgeous and she is tall…Ok, now I can announce that Cindy Crawford is an ideal woman…I am being serious.

Now it is time to mention Cindy Crawford boobs…they are quite big and elastic even now…that is incredible…I think they are natural as well…it is easy to detect the fake boobs. If you are not sure with that fact just search Cindy Crawford topless and maybe these pictures will change your opinion on this count.

Cindy Crawford ass I just amazing…I cannot describe how I like her ass, I really don’t…The only thing that I can say is that there is no woman on this planet who has something like that…and the more I find Cindy Crawford bikini pictures, the more I am getting confident about it.

This is the end of this review and I would like to rate this pic with a purely five out of five.

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June 15, 2011

Ashley Alexandra Dupre nude pictures

Today I was looking at Ashley Alexandra Dupre naked pictures and first thing I have notice is that she looks almost like Sandra Bullock…you might say I am crazy or something, but that is true…If you look at her nose and then compare it to Sandra’s you will see how identical they are…they have this…I called it foxy nose…By the way, those women who have that kind of nose are very cunning…remember that. Anyway, today we are talking about one thing…it is Ashley Alexandra Dupre nude picture that I have found on the web…we are about to appreciate it and rate it at the end on our short review…But prior to that, I suggest you to read some quick facts about her…

First of all I would like to mention her age…She is 24 years old at the moment, however I think she looks a bit older, thanks to her very mature look…But she is still sexy and beautiful…I believe she will keep her sexuality for a very long time.

Now let’s talk about her height…There was one Ashley Alexandra Dupre bikini picture that I have found and she seemed to me pretty tall on that pic…she was so well proportioned back there and now, I think she has pulled on a little weight…Anyway her height is 5’6 which is obviously not enough to be called an ideal woman.

Now it is time to talk about Ashley Alexandra Dupre tits…oh body…she has got one huge pair of boobs…well maybe I am a bit exaggerating but her boobs are big enough even for me…and you know how much I like big ones. I think they are natural, but if you think the opposite, checkout Ashley Alexandra Dupre topless pics, so you didn’t have any doubts about it.

Speaking about Ashley Alexandra Dupre ass I have to mention that she has got the most amazing and big butt I know…oh yeah…really.

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