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November 25, 2010

Drew Barrymore Playboy pictures

I thought we will never get to Drew Barrymore Playboy pictures, but here we are…looking at them with a big pleasure. I think Drew is gorgeous and she can easily be the role model for many women who wants to look sexy when they are above 30…It is possible…I mean just look at Drew Barrymore nude pics and see for yourself.

Here are a few facts about her that you will find quite interesting and beneficial for yourself. First, is her age…she is 34 years old and she will be 35 in a couple of months…But I think that is a bullshit…Of course it is true, but the point is that she looks like she is 25 again…Correct me if I am wrong. Looking that good and sexy in this age deserves a standing ovations, that I am doing right now…I wish all women were that hot and sexy when they are above 30…but unfortunately, not every women are capable of to do that.

I am not going to say something bad about her height which is 5’4…Yes, I like tall women, but Drew is an exception, believe me…her sexuality is covering all of her shortages.

Drew Barrymore boobs are not so big like for example Holly Madison has, but I like their shape and the fact that they are so elastic even by this age. I think you should checkout Drew Barrymore topless pics, that will surely help you to better appreciate her tits.

I like this tattoo that is above Drew Barrymore ass…For sure…but I like her ass even more as it is pretty big and elastic…I saw Drew Barrymore bikini pictures and I have to say that this is the rarest ass I saw…

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