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May 6, 2014

Laetitia Casta nude pics

Tonight I am going to share with my impression about Laetitia Casta naked pictures that I saw on the web… It is great that people made internet… you have no idea how hard our life would be without it… anyhow, today I am talking about completely other thing… She looks very hot and gorgeous… That is why I have decided to put her on my list of the hottest celebrities… Here I have Laetitia Casta nude picture that will be today’s our target… let’s focus on that and try to discuss it.

Firstly, I have to mention couple of things about Laetitia Casta… Her age is 31, but woman like her doesn’t get old too fast… it will take a while to see any signs of her getting old. I would give her now about 25… next thing is her height which is 5’6. I thought she was much taller, but it turns out she is not… anyway, I think she is fine with what she has now.

Laetitia Casta boobs is something I want my girlfriend to have… They are perfect and gorgeous… and what is more important, they are natural and big… it is pretty rare event in nowadays to see big and natural boobs.

Speaking about Laetitia Casta ass, I want to say she has got the most gorgeous butt I have ever met… there is nothing else I can say as it would be stupid and unnecessary… well, except for one thing maybe… Do watch Laetitia Casta bikini pics.

This is it and I am rating this pic of Laetitia Casta exposed with five out of five.

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November 10, 2011

Liv Tyler nude

There are a few celebrities that mean a lot to me…and Liv Tyler is one of them…I am very glad that I can choose any celebrity I want and put them on my list of the sexiest female celebrities…But that is not enough for Liv, as I need to discuss her with you…I like her so much, I like her big lips that I would kiss for hours and hours…I like her face so much…she is so pretty and that is what kind of woman I like…anyway I have this picture of Liv Tyler nude and I would like to rate it, but only after a short review.

She is 32 years old, but what the hell am I saying? Never mind…it is just a formality as she looks like she is 25 or something around that.

The more I am getting to the end of this review, the more I am making sure that Liv is a perfect woman for me…I mean you know that I like tall woman, right…And it happens pretty often that you like some woman, you like the way she looks, but unfortunately you will know that she is not tall as you thought…But here, everything is so far so good…Liv’s height is 5’10…she is tall woman and I like that a lot.

Liv Tyler boobs are quite big and elastic…I just in love with them…And I suggest you to see a lot of different photos of Liv Tyler topless on the web.

Liv Tyler ass is something that I like the most about her…she is so hot with that ass…oh man… I lose control…

That is the end of this review of Liv Tyler undressed and my rate for this is nothing but five stars out of five…Liv, you are gorgeous.

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October 9, 2011

Fergie topless

I know I have said that million times but what you can do about it… nothing, that’s right. Fergie is my favorite female celebrity of all kind and I love her very much and you should know that. I was watching Fergie topless pictures with her nipples see through her shirt and it was very nice… Since that time there is nothing that could stop me from loving her.

She hasn’t appeared on Playboy yet but there are plenty of Fergie nude pictures on the web already. So why not to pose for that magazine? I think it would only be beneficial for her and would increase her ratings right away. But it seems that after becoming a mother not every woman would decide to do that…

I have always treated Fergie as someone that is not just sexy but also pretty wise. Therefore here is her nice quote. “I was doing gymnastics in a leotard when wardrobe comes up to me and is like, ‘It’s time.” First of all, it is very sexy to watch how she does any sort of exercises as her gorgeous and athletic body is something that any men would like to see in motion. My dirtiest fantasy about her is watching Fergie naked making her gymnastics in front of me. This is something I really want to be a witness of and I would do anything to make this dream come true.

Anyway, thank you for your time and attention to this gorgeous singer Fergie… love her as much as I am.

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September 29, 2011

Salma Hayek nude

If you have at least one of those Salma Hayek nude photos in your computer this means you like her. And that’s why you came on this website… You probably want to get some more of those, right? If not then I have no idea what you are doing here.

Besides all that, here is one quote from here. “Life is tough, and if you have the ability to laugh at it you have the ability to enjoy it.” Unfortunately, not every person can enjoy and be happy with that he or she has. That’s where life seems to be pointless and boring. But as Salma says you have to learn how to be happy with some very little things and then your life will be full of laugh and fun. Remember, life is too short to be upset all the time. You just have to live by some things but not forget to be happy.

Now, let’s see some facts about her… First is that she is a good friend of Penelope Cruz and she was ranked 8th of the 100 Sexiest Women by FHM Taiwan in 2001. It is not surprising me why she was at least on top ten of this list. In fact, I wouldn’t be even surprised if she was on the first place of it. That’s what I think.

I don’t think you will ever forget that kind of pictures of Salma, but despite all that I will have to say goodbye to you as this review has come to an end. That would be all my friends, thanks for watching.

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September 12, 2011

Tricia Helfer nude pictures

As you guessed by the title you probably know what I am about to do… But just in case that some of you are not familiar with my work, I have to say that I am going to make a short review about this gorgeous pic of Tricia Helfer nude.

She is 35 years old and I think you will agree with me when I say she looks gorgeous and just stunning… Because not every woman can look like that when she is at that age… I can’t say she looks younger, because her face tells me she has passed through many difficulties in her life and this sad look also tells me is about that age… But that doesn’t mean she ain’t smiling on her pictures… I was talking about few pics of Tricia Helfer undressed. However, if you look at her gorgeous body, you might say that this belongs to some 25 year old woman… No kidding.

Now, let’s check out if she is tall… Well, everything seems so far so good as Tricia Helfer height is 5’10, which is good for a woman… She looks even taller on her pics as she has got so long and shapely legs that when you look at Tricia Helfer naked and her legs spread out you start to think she is taller than 6 feet. Anyway, I think she is perfect… Beautiful face, gorgeous body and her gorgeous height… what else is needed to be called perfect? I believe that is enough.

Let’s talk about Tricia Helfer boobs… First of all, I have to admit that they are not big and small… their size is just right… maybe something average, I would say. But their shape is just lovely and rare… If you want to look at her boobs closer or with more details, I suggest you to find other pictures of Tricia Helfer topless.

Tricia Helfer ass is so curvy and big, that I can’t take my eyes away from it… It is so elastic and smooth as well. I think you should look at Tricia Helfer bikini pictures, so that you could enjoy by the view of her ass.

That is the end and I am rating this nice picture of Tricia Helfer exposed with five out of five.

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February 28, 2011

Vikki Blows nude pictures

I didn’t know who she is until I have watched Vikki Blows naked pictures… I thought she is just perfect woman for me… But I have decided to leave that question for this review so you were interested more in that. So, let’s find out if she is perfect woman… Here I have got Vikki Blows nude picture that will help us to decide.

First of all, I have mention her age… She is pretty young as her age is 22 at the moment. But she looks mature and it seems that she is about 25 or something, but that is just because of her gorgeous body. I think when she is 35 we will think she is 25… that is for sure… This woman knows how to look sexy and how to keep her sexuality… Of course I can’t say she attends gym, however her body is naturally well shaped I believe…

When I saw Vikki Blows undressed picture I thought she is pretty tall as she has long legs… But it turns out that she is quite small… her height is only 5’2 and that is the only shortage I have found about her… That means already that she is not perfect for me… I try to be as much objective as I can… But she easily compensates that shortage with her gorgeous and well shaped body.

Vikki Blows boobs are the most gorgeous for today… I have to say that they are quite big, elastic and incredibly smooth… I know that there is a possibility that they are not real, but the point is that they look just wonderful… Good job doctor… whatever your name is… If you think that I am being wrong about her boobs, simply checkout Vikki Blows topless pictures that you can find on the web.

Vikki Blows ass is another thing after her boobs that I like the most… take a look at that… so smooth, just like babies ass… And it is quite elastic… I love to watch Vikki Blows bikini pictures where her ass looks unbelievably hot.

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October 25, 2010

Alessia Marcuzzi nude

I was watching today one picture of Alessia Marcuzzi nude and I have decided to make a short review about her… She is 37 years old at the moment and her height is 5’11… So, I think we had better start…

If you are wonder about Alessia Marcuzzi boobs, then I have to say that this is the toughest question I have had for today… I know that her tits are just absolutely stunning … I can’t take my eyes away from them… even now, while I am writing this… and this… and even this… Anyway, her tits are just huge and so elastic even at that age… The only question here is if her boobs are real… And in order to answer that question you have to be familiar with Alessia Marcuzzi topless pictures that you can watch on the web… But I have to warn ya’ll… tha wouldn’t be enough to solve that question… I mean when I look at them I want to think that they are real… but then I start to realize that it is impossible to have boobs like that from nature… And what if she is some rarest woman who has this amazing gift… If I say right now that her boobs are fake, I can offend her by that… but saying they are real won’t exactly characterize them… I think it would be better to be quiet about them.

Alessia Marcuzzi ass is something be and gorgeous… I love her ass… in fact I am getting too much exited when I look at Alessia Marcuzzi bikini pictures… that is for sure… I wonder how it is possible to have ass like that… is it requires some special exercises or something like that… Or maybe she gained her ass by eating a lot… Of course she is a bit curvy, but not too much… The point is that her but is curvy which is just great.

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Christina Aguilera nude showing her round ass

I think everybody finds Christina Aguilera sexy…but have you asked yourself how sexy she is? We can easily find out it…But we will need two things…First is Christina Aguilera nude pic, which I have already found on the web…and we will have to review it…that is what exactly I am about to do right now…But I promise you that after all this you will definitely know how sexy she is…by the way we will estimate her sexuality from one to five… To start talking about this pic, I would like to include some facts about Christina…Firstly, it is her age…She is 29 years old at the moment, but she looks a lot younger that she was even when she was about 20…no kidding…Moreover I could not find her sexy when she had strange hairstyle and dyed her eyes in dark. No offence, but she was dressing like a whore…But now, she looks just stunning at the moment and like her that way… The only thing that I am not comfortable with and I am sure Christina too, is the fact that her height is only 5’2 and that is way too small… Now it is time to talk about something serious and something quite big…I mean Christina Aguilera boobs…which are just incredible and elastic…I like her size too…it is pretty big…You should probably see other pics of Christina Aguilera topless, so you could better appreciate them… And what do you think about Christina Aguilera ass? I think it is just gorgeous and quite big…I like her ass shape…If you want to look closely her ass, you should probably checkout on Christina Aguilera bikini pictures…here you can surely appreciate it. I think it is time for the final stage of our review…I am talking about rating Christina Aguilera undressed pic. I am rating it with five out of five.

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September 22, 2010

Salma Hayek nude

We were watching tons of Salma Hayek nude pictures and there were real ones among them and fake ones as well. But the point is that not all of them are easy to find. You may count yourself lucky as you came to the right place.

How about this from her? “I’ve stolen a couple of hearts and they are in my private collection” Everybody knows how hot and passionate Mexican women can be. Salma is not just one of them, she is a sex symbol of Mexico I guess… Well, even if it is not like that, I think there should be. I can only imagine how it was hard for those men whose hearts were stolen by this gorgeous woman. She could probably do ten times more but I guess Salma is not that wild to break hearts. She is more like feminist and she can revenge to us, men.

This only makes me feel even more excited and I wish I was her slave. In fact I would do anything more than that, just to see Salma Hayek naked. If she wanted to punish all men in some one person then I want to be one. But it seems that some of you also want to get some spankings from her.

I wish you all best because I am not sure we can see each other here anymore… Hah, just kidding fellows. I will be off this weekend so be prepared for some new shots from Salma on the next week… Have a nice day my dear friends and enjoy those pics.

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Anna Nicole Smith nude

Today, I would like to talk about one thing that has impressed me so much, that wanted to share this with you…I am talking about Anna Nicole Smith naked photos. I saw them today and I have to say that she looks absolutely stunning. By the way, do you know her real name? It is Vickie Lynn Hogan. But we know her as Anna Nicole Smith. Her height is 5’11…she is pretty tall. Anyway, let’s get busy with this picture of Anna Nicole Smith nude.

If you are wondering about what kind of image is that, I have to say that this is Anna Nicole Smith playboy photo. Yeas she was a part of Playboy and she gained there her popularity. Most beautiful girls were starting with playboy.

You can see here Anna Nicole Smith topless, which I like the most…Of course I like her hair and her abs. Her legs are pretty long and shapely. But what I like the most is how big and elastic Anna Nicole Smith tits. Oh yeah…they are gorgeous, especially her nipples, which are also quite big.

She is 42 years old right now, however her sexy body making her look on 27.

Anna Nicole playboy gallery is what you can get busy with. It has a lot of her naked pictures and you will be delighted to check out Anna Nicole Smith exposed.

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