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September 21, 2010

Adriana Lima sex tape video

When I hear people saying there was Adriana Lima sex tape, I could not believe in that. Yeas Adriana is hot, yeas she is a bad girl, but a sex tape where Adriana Lima fucked so hard…I don’t think so…

If you want to now true about who is on this tape, than let’s check out this video and then will make our conclusion. First of all, let’s imagine that a girl on the tape is Adriana Lima, so we did not have to make a name for her. And it will be a lot easier to me. Scenario of this sex tape is pretty simple. Adriana Lima naked and lies on the bed while a guy fucks here damn hard. Here you can see Adriana Lima boobs as well as Adriana Lima pussy. But let me as you something…Do you still think that this is her? If you do, than it is time to make a comparison.

First, we are going to start from above. Adriana Lima hairstyle is not much familiar with this hairstyle that we see on this sex tape. Her forehead is not that big as the girl on this tape has. I cannot say anything about the eyes as on the tape they are closed, however we can see that Adriana nose is more accurate than a girl on the tape has.

Now it is time for lips to be judged. It is definitely not her lips on this video. In reality Adriana Lima has a bigger lips, than this girl on the tape. Adriana Lima boobs are much bigger and elastic than you can see on this tape. So there you go…another point for Adriana. Let’s talk about the abs…A girl on this tape has got an extra fat in her belly area, whereas we know that Adriana Lima has got a pretty strong and sexy abs. I think we have had enough…Only a fool will think that this is Adriana Lima sex video…This is someone else…someone who is less attractive and shapely…I could be anybody, but Adriana Lima. But anyway we have to grade this tape…For thinking that there is Adriana on this tape and of course a pretty good quality of this video, I have to grade this sex tape with 5+, and that is it…

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