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June 9, 2011

Carrie Prejean nude pics

I was watching yesterday Carrie Prejean naked photos, and I was going to describe her so you could appreciate all of her beauty and sexuality. But suddenly I realized that I am not ready to write about this magnificent and gorgeous woman…I said to myself, I have to wait sometime and maybe it will come naturally. So here I am…telling you all I can about sexy 22 years old Carrie.

I have thinking about how to categorize Carrie Prejean, but then I came up with the next idea. Carrie Prejean is one of few of those people that deserved to be calling “ideal” woman. She got all parts of her body well proportioned. There is nothing bad I can say in her address. She is just perfect.

When I thought about Carrie Prejean playboy photos, I told to myself that I am not prepared to watch that kind event, because I can get a heart attack.

I like her hair…It is very stylish…I also like the length of her hair…it is very suits her.

Carrie Prejean boobs are also a perfect size and pretty elastic…I mean they are not too small or not too big…

Now the most interesting part…I am going to appreciate her abs…It will be quick, because I have never see that sexy belly like her…She practices everyday…no doubt about it…This is the most logic reason why I said Carrie is perfect…what to do…I like women with sexy and strong abs. All women should have the same or at least something that can be compared to it.

Concerning Carrie Prejean butt, I have got to say that it alright here as well. It is elastic and with no fat.

Her legs are something that every model is dreaming to have. They are long and shapely.

By doing this overview of Carrie Prejean sexuality, I have to say that there are only a few women that can be calling perfect or ideal…and Carrie is definitely on that list. I am giving her a perfect A grade for being so sexy.

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April 17, 2011

Beth Cordingly nude

Today we got new female celebrity that will entertain us by her gorgeous body and sexuality… That is why I got this nice pic of Beth Cordingly nude… here we go.

She is 32 years old right now… most women at that age can lose all their sexuality and by that I mean their body shape and smooth face… These things happen especially when a person is drinking a lot and thus her face become less elastic and may a result of lots of wrinkles by the age of 30. The other cause of that is lack of sport activity… If you are not running or jumping or not doing any activity in your life you are doomed and by that age you can expect fat ass along with wrinkly belly and shit like that… But you don’t want that, right? So, look at our example today… I mean Beth Cordingly… look how sexy and strong she is, although she is 32 like I said… This is a great example of having healthy life along with doing exercises everyday… Put her as a role model and you will be fine.

Now I want you to look at Beth Cordingly boobs… Aren’t they just gorgeous? I mean just look at them… So smooth and elastic that you want to touch it… I know they might seem to be pretty small, but that is not important in that case… What is more important is that she hasn’t done any plastic surgery yet… That deserves a big respect. Anyway, I want you to checkout Beth Cordingly topless pics as I need you to have your own opinion.

What do you think about Beth Cordingly ass? I bet you can’t say anything bad about it, right? Just watch it and enjoy… She has the most amazing ass among all women… Her butt is so elastic and pretty athletic that it makes me think she dedicates a lot of time to her ass… I mean she works pretty often on her butt by doing different kinds of exercises.

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