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June 1, 2014

Stephanie Seymour nude pics

I was looking at Stephanie Seymour naked pictures and I thought why not… This woman is pretty sexy and just amazing… Her height is 5’10 which is just perfect for our review and for me as I love tall women… the other thing is that her age is 41, but she looks so young that I would give her about 31, no kidding… Anyway, all I am trying to say is that she deserves to be discussed in our review… By the way, have you checked this picture of Stephanie Seymour nude that I put as a title?

I want you to pay a bit attention to Stephanie Seymour boobs as they are surely deserved that… She has got the most beautiful tits I have ever seen… no kidding… Just looks at their shape… oh boy… I love them so much… Another thing that I like about her boobs is that they are so smooth and elastic, even at that age. But if you think they are not real, let me assure you buy suggesting you to watch Stephanie Seymour topless pictures that you can easily find online… Her tits are one hundred percent natural… for real.

Getting a bit lower, we can notice her belly… oh, it is so athletic and simply gorgeous… I bet she worked a lot to make that shapely abs… I think all women should put her as an example and they should work as she works on her body.

And how about Stephanie Seymour ass… oh yeah… it is pretty athletic and so smooth that you can be confused if this is her ass or some 19 year old college girl… I saw Stephanie Seymour bikini pictures and I was so amazed that I was speechless… I was staring at them for about an hour and I was enjoying that for real… If you do the same, it will help you to relax after a bad day or when you are out of your mood…

Well, here we are at the end of our review… sad, isn’t it? But that is ok as nothing is endless… Anyway, I think it would be pretty fair if I rate this pic of Stephanie Seymour exposed with five out of five.

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November 16, 2011

Padma Lakshmi nude pictures

Today we have another guest for our review and it is Padma Lakshmi… she is one cutie pie I would say and you will definitely like this picture of Padma Lakshmi nude that have prepared for this review. So here we go.

I would like to start with Padma Lakshmi age… She is 39 years old but I believe that is true, unfortunately… The good news is that I saw Padma Lakshmi undressed picture that was made recently, according to the media and I said that she is about 30 years old there… But when I have been told she is 39, I was shocked… The more I find celebrities which are above 30 and even 40, the more I am being amazed by their ability to look good at that age and have about ten years as a reserve… You know what I mean, right? When I say as a reserve, I mean they cheat their age on ten years… most of them. It is like if you 40 and people think that you 30, that means in about ten years they will say that you look like you are 40, whereas you will be 50 already… isn’t that just great.

When I look at Padma Lakshmi boobs I don’t know what to say… I think it is stupid to say something when you watch at these tits… They are so elastic, pretty big and simply gorgeous I would say. I also believe that they are real… If you don’t then I suggest you to checkout Padma Lakshmi topless pictures that you can find easily on the web.

Padma Lakshmi ass is simply perfect and when I say perfect I do mean that… it is so smooth and elastic that if look at Padma Lakshmi bikini pictures you might say this ass just can’t belong to the 39 year old woman… it has a perfect shape and it is athletic though.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that review dedicated to this picture of Padma Lakshmi exposed. I am rating that pic with five out of five… no questions about it.

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October 25, 2010

Kristin Kreuk nude pics

I am so happy that I am going to make an overview of Kristin Kreuk naked as she is one of my favorite actress…I love Smallville so much and especially I love her character there Lana…She is so hot and just look at her face…so pretty…she is like a princess…Therefore I have decided to include her on my list of the hottest female celebrities and I will give her VIP place among the other stars as she deserves it…no doubt about it. So, what do we do…I have this picture of Kristin Kreuk nude and I think we should rate it, but only at the end of this review.

Before to start discussing her body, I would like you to know some facts about her…she was born on December 30 1982 and just look at this coincidence…today is December 30…Happy birthday Lana…I meal Kristin…I wish you all best as in your career as well as in your personal life…Anyway she is 27 right now, but I would give about 19 or something very close to that number…

I thought Kristin Kreuk is about 5’1 of height or something like that…but it turns out she is 5’4…Probably I thought she was smaller because her character was almost always with Clark Kent in Smallville…and Tom Welling is a lot taller than her.

Kristin Kreuk boobs are quite small I think, but she does not need to have big…she has well proportioned body and big tits will only ruin that balance… Checkout Kristin Kreuk topless pics and you will understand what I am saying.

Now I want to say that Kristin Kreuk ass is the cutest one I now…no, really…it is so elastic and smooth…I wish I could see Kristin Kreuk bikini pic just once…I am sure there are plenty of them on the web…I need to search them.

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