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May 21, 2014

Tera Patrick nude pics

Here I have got Tera Patrick nude pic that I am about to discuss with you.

This gorgeous woman is 33 years old at the moment and she is still young as she was about 7 years ago. Her body is a result of hard work I would say, however this is the first case where I am not sure about that… You see, her body is pretty curvy which is just amazing and simply hot… But I am not sure if that is a result of doing workouts every day… more like seating on the couch and eating cheese cake… By the way, I think you should look at Tera Patrick undressed picture where she seats on a couch… looks very hot and you can easily masturbate on that picture.

Now, let’s see if this cutie pie is tall… Oh yeah, she is indeed. Take a look, her height is 5’9… how about that, hah? Pretty tall for a woman, right… Having that curvy forms that we will talk about in details later, demands to have enough height, which she definitely has… I believe a lot of women just jealous to her for being that tall, sexy and beautiful… but let me tell you something… jealousy is a sin and you have got to stop it and start work on your body.

Ok, enough for the crap… let’s get to some real stuff… Like for example Tera Patrick boobs… Oh, I am sorry… those are not the boobs… They are two huge dirigibles, don’t you think so… Oh my, I don’t have enough words to describe them… maybe except for these… they are huge, elastic and unbelievably hot… I know she made a plastic surgery and she increased them, but I don’t understand why as she had pretty big boobs when she was younger… of course not this big, but still… Anyway, I think you should look at Tera Patrick topless pics.

Tera Patrick ass is also big, but surely bigger than her boobs… I told you this woman have curves… and what is more important she has them on these main for our spots.

That is the end and I think five out of five for this pic of Tera Patrick exposed would be fair.

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May 18, 2014

Katie Holmes nude photos

Some people say Katie is the hottest woman on the planet…I can’t say the same, however I agree that Katie Holmes nude looks better than many other celebrities…And today we are going to find out what rating her nude pic deserves. However, don’t rush the events, as we have to run on some quick facts about her, which sure will help us to make a proper and radical decision.

First of all…look at this picture of Katie Holmes nude…how old is she now? She is 31 years old, but this is bullshit as we know she looks like a college girl…sexy, hot, gorgeous and desirable…

She is pretty tall too, as her height is 5’9…her body is well proportioned and that is why she looks perfect…It is very important when woman has a precise proportions as it is the key of being sexy…

Her hairstyle is mostly the same on all the pictures, but her color is different. For example, I like when she has a black hair…she fits that colour…

Katie Holmes boobs are quite elastic, however I can’t say they are big…I like big boobs like you do. When I was watching Katie Holmes topless photos, I have noticed that each of her boobs is far away from each other…and that is what I didn’t like about Katie Holmes tits… The distance between these two babies should be less…

But Katie Holmes ass is just stunning…And that is the key fact why I am going to rate this photo of Katie Holmes undressed with five stars out of five.

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July 17, 2011

Thora Birch nude

Today I was watching Thora Birch nude picture and that pushed me to make this review about it.

I have to say that she is the youngest woman of today in my review… She is 27 years old right now, however when I looked at Thora Birch naked pictures I thought she was about 20 or something like that… Look at her… so young and so hot… I bet a lot of women simply jealous to her, but if you do, then stop and put her as yours role model… Put her gorgeous body as an example and guys… I suggest you just to enjoy this review and enjoy her… this is just an amazing woman, believe me.

If you think from Thora Birch undressed pictures that she is tall, you are wrong as her height is only 5’4… But I would be so frustrated if I were you… I think all women should be different and if she is not tall that we have to love her as she is… And you know what… I think it is great that she is not tall…

Thora Birch boobs are quite big and natural… She has the most amazing tits I have ever met… Take a look at Thora Birch topless pictures that you can find on the web… but make sure you watch at fine high quality pic as you have to see her boobs real good.

Now here comes my favorite part… Thora Birch ass which I just love… take a look closely… isn’t that just amazing to own ass like that?

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