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September 22, 2010

Liv Tyler sex scene

There are a few celebrities that are very precious to me…I am talking about Angelina Jolie, Christina Applegate, Fergie and a few more…I can’t say something bad about them…and when I am making an overview about one of them I am trying to be as much careful as I can…I don’t want to offend someone…especially Liv Tyler …There is a huge possibility that these celebrities will read this on the web…If you think they won’t…you are wrong…First of all…they are people just like we are…second of all, they have ten times better internet connection that you do…And the last thing is that everybody want to know what people think about them or write about them…Check this out…instead of searching tv channels or buying a fresh paper they can simply go only type their names and they will find everything they want to know about themselves….how simple is that?

And today I am going to talk about Liv Tyler sex movie…I have found a few scenes that you will find quite interesting for yourself as many people like to watch their favorite celebrities naked and having sex in front of the camera…by the way…the separate thanks to the cameras…without them…internet and movie industry would not exist…well…internet probably would…but it was not so interesting as it is now…

Anyhow…here is Liv Tyler sex scene…it is from the movie by the name One Night at Mccool’s…I bet you saw that movie…Well, here it is… Liv Tyler naked lying on the bed and having sex with a guy…He is above her and they are doing that doggy style…by the way that is not just a guy…it is Matt Dillon…lucky son of a bitch that has done a lot sex scenes with most famous female celebrities…Lucky bastard…He is tapping Liv Tyler ass pretty hard…the scene looks pretty realistic.

I think this is it for this Liv Tyler hot video and I am rating it with five out of five.

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Angelina Jolie sex scene

Many of you have noticed that I start writing reviews on celebrities sex scenes…I think it is ten times better than celebrities sex tapes as there are better quality and there is always a plot…Celebrities just can’t hold their camera straight…Anyway, here I have Angelina Jolie sex scenes that I have watched in different movies and I am about to discuss as many of them as I can…

Have you saw GIA movie? Me neither…I just saw few parts with Angelina Jolie sex video…Here you can see her kissing and performing a sexual act with another woman…her name is Elizabeth Mitchell if that tells you something…If you watch this scene carefully you can see Angelina Jolie naked putting her tongue in to Elizabeth mouth…I was totally shocked when I saw this movie…I have always imagine Angelina having sex with some other woman and here it is…You can see another scene in this GIA movie, just where Angelina Jolie is showering with Elizabeth Mitchell together…They are touching each other there and hugging, but you will not see anything more than that in this scene…

You can see many others movies with her participation in sex scenes like in Hell’s Kitchen, Pushing tin, Taking lives and Foxfire…But I think the most famous celebrity sex scene you can call the scene of Original Sin with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas in it…That is the best scene I know…They are making love there so realistic and with a huge passion, that I think when Brad Pitt watches it, he asks Angie if Antonio is better in bed than he is…
Angelina Jolie nude having hard and passionate sex with Banderas, she screams and gets orgasm…isn’t that just wonderful.

Well, I believe I can’t tell you all and I think it is better for you to watch this Angelina Jolie sex movie…by the way I am rating it with five out of five.

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Angelina Jolie nude photos

Angelina Jolie Voight is my favorite female celebrity. She means so much to me, that when I have found out that I need to describe her sexuality, I was totally shocked. I said there are not enough words to say how sexy Angie is…The word “sexy” should be described in all dictionaries as Angelina Jolie. It should look like this: sexy- Angelina Jolie. By the way, do you know all of her nicknames…They are as follows: Angie, Catwoman, Ange and just AJ. Her height is 5’8 so she is pretty tall for a woman. She could be a professional model, however she already has got a big modeling background, as you can find a lot of Angelina Jolie naked pictures on the web as well as the other ones. I think, to see Angelina Jolie naked picture, people should pay money, because you can’t see something like that for free…

Angie is 34 years old, she got kids, she got Brad Pitt, but she looks like she is 22 or something like that. Now, if you excuse me, I would like to describe how beautiful Angie is.

I probably should start from the top…Her hair… Angelina Jolie hairstyle has always been one of the hottest and stylish at the same time. They are pretty long and I like when she does her pony tail hairstyle…Looks very tempting. Her eyes are something out of this world. When she points her look on somebody, that person becomes stoned. Her eyes are the most beautiful among all the women. Her nose is very accurate and small, which is good.

Lips…Probably the hottest part of Angie’s body. Those people who had ever kissed these lips are the luckiest people on the planet.

Angelina Jolie boobs are something that you want to look at for hours and hours and they will not bored to you, that is for sure.

Another thing that I like the most is how Angelina Jolie exposed her tattoos on many photos. Angelina Jolie tattoos are something that people love her for. Being tattooed is giving Angie more sexuality.

Her belly is pretty athletic as she is. Not every woman can be in that shape at that age. Mostly they have a wrinkly ass and belly, cellulite and stuff like that.

By the way, when I saw Angelina Jolie ass in “Most wanted” movie, I was very delighted as her butt is gorgeous and elastic as well as her boobs.

So my conclusion is A grade for Angie with the endless pluses.

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