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Sarah Chalke nude

Honestly, I don’t find her sexy, but maybe some separate parts of her body…Maybe that is because she plays comedian roles and it is hard to find a comedian sexy, even if we are talking about female. For example I saw this picture of Sarah Chalke nude and I was not impressed. Yeas she is maybe sexy in some way, but to me…no…

Let’s discuss this photo of Sarah Chalke naked together, so we could appreciate it with more objectiveness.

Starting with her age I would like to add that Sarah is 33, but she does not look any younger…I don’t know what the problem is, but the fact is fact…look at her…I can’t say she looks like 25 year old woman…no way man.

The other thing is her height which I actually liked. It is 5’8 and she is totally looks higher on television, probably because of her long legs and shapely body. I don’t know why I don’t find her sexy, but maybe if I saw Sarah Chalke playboy pictures, I would change my mind.

Sarah Chalke boobs is the only part that I like in her body…They are pretty big and I like their shape and the fact that they are still elastic…I can’t say that I saw many photos of Sarah Chalke topless, but some of them I liked a lot.

Speaking about Sarah Chalke ass, I have to say that there is nothing special about it either…Ass like ass…no need to comment…

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February 24, 2011 um 10:25 am
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