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Katie Downes nude

Don’t you want these Katie Downes nude pictures to watch? Come on, say it… I know you want.

Now I’m going to tell you about my favorite pictures of her, those that when you look at you tool becomes bigger and stronger if you know what I mean. On one of them that was made a couple of years ago you can see Katie Downes naked and wearing only some jewelry on her neck. Behind her you will see a background of the ocean as she is posing there right on the beach. Her tits perfectly exposed right to the camera and her sexy eyes tell us she wants to get laid immediately. But that’s not the only one picture that I’m like “wow”. There is also this image where Katie seats on the floor with a lifted up shirt so her boobs are out. Her legs are spread and she touches her pussy with right arm. Also, there is a bottle of Heiniken beer I guess right down her legs. That one is my favorite and I am thinking of getting a poster and then hang it on my wall.

Here is short boi of her. She is 4’11 and her age is only 26 years old. What can I say? Yeah, she is small, but that’s not the point if we’re talking about her naked.

Enough with all this crap as I have to go to the bathroom till the next week or something. Yeah, I guess I ate some very expired tomato juice from my fridge so take care now and wish me luck.

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August 8, 2011 um 7:53 am
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