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Jeri Ryan nude

A lot of people like to masturbate on Jeri Ryan nude pictures but they just can’t find some new ones. Today, I will help you in that but right now let’s read some feedback from me on her.

Here is my fantasy about this girl. I am letting you know what because you probably have something familiar with that one. Do you remember that movie she was in? It calls Co-ed Call Girl. Anyway, there is a scene where you can see Jeri Ryan naked lying in bath with bubble soap suds. Anyway, I would really love to be a camera in that moment. That’s right, and I am not crazy. Just watching while she is getting in there before a shot and then watching the same process after is just amazing I guess. And after that it would be nice to watch how she is getting dressed again. This is only my fantasy and I am pretty sure you have almost the same as well. Come on, just don’t think about those stupid things like just having sex with her as that is pretty banal. Everybody can do that, what’s wrong with you? Just try to relax and then come up with something quite fresh.

Well fellows, I hope you’re full with all this stuff right there as I don’t have anything else to get you busy with or to entertain you as well. However, I thought you might want to hear my advice. Always have some quarters in your car and you won’t have problems on parking or driving on work if you live in New York for example. Don’t be lazy and when you come from work to some grocery to buy a milk carton, don’t forget to spare some change.

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May 16, 2014 um 6:31 pm
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