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June 8, 2014

Rihanna sex tape

Who would know that such a young and modest girl like Rihanna will purchase her own sextape? From the beginning, people would not believe that Rihanna sextape exists. Many said that it is just Rihanna fake on it and stuff like that, but when millions watched this tape, they start to believe that this is her…And that is how it happens. First you hear, then you see and then you make yours conclusion…By the way, to make a conclusion on this case, I have to make a little overview about what is on this sextape…So here we go, appreciating Rihanna sex tape, which she does by herself.

As I always start from the scenario, I have to say that there is nothing special about this sextape. Here you can see only Rihanna naked and exposing all of her parts. She is recording herself in different poses on her cellphone. The quality, which is another aspect of rating this tape, is pretty good, although Rihanna is not best in taking a nice and clear shot. She did not pick the right brightness and on some pictures with a flashlight, she made them look very messy. As she was doing that by herself, I have got to say that she has done pretty well…

You can see Rihanna tits pretty clear in her sextape. They are big and elastic and she has got a big nipples.

Another part that is seen well is Rihanna pussy…Oh yeah…you can see even how she touches herself there…

Rihanna ass is also on this sextape…She has got a quite big butt, which cannot be confused with any other ass…It is her ass and no one else’s.

By summarizing information, that is above, I have to say that Rihanna sextape deserves A grade for making it alone with a quite simple scenario and good enough quality, which helped us to make a statement that this is not Rihanna fake, it is her and no one else…Good job Rihanna, I hope you can do a lot more sometime…We will be waiting for your next sextape with the anticipation.

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May 28, 2014

Lindsay Lohan sex tape

Many people know that Lindsay has not become popular by acting and singing…I am saying that because her arrests and bad behavior with using alcohol and drugs have become like daily news.

But apart from that, I have found something on the web, that has attracted millions of people about her…I am talking about Lindsay Lohan sextape with her ex- boyfriend Calum Best. So here we have something to discuss today…

First thing is first…I have to tell you about scenario…It is pretty simple as it consists of Lindsay Lohan blowjob. She is sucking her ex’s dick on that tape pretty accurate. But let me ask you something…Are you sure that this is her? Or this is Lindsay Lohan fake sextape? I can’t say for sure as the quality of that sex video is pretty low and I can’t see her face on it.

The hairstyle looks like it is Lindsay’s, face lines are also familiar with hers. Well…let’s say for sure that this is Lindsay, so it would be easier for me to describe. But I promise you, we will make some conclusion at the end.

As you can see, Lindsay Lohan boobs can be noticed on that video as well as her naked ass…She is working hard on her blowjob, probably to satisfy her boyfriend there…which is lying and not moving. It is obvious why…if Lindsay were giving me a head, I would stay still till the end too…

Concerning the quality of Lindsay Lohan blowjob, I have to say that she is not mature in it, however you can see her trying. If it was her first time, I have to say she did well…But what am I saying? First time…Lindsay is 23, her first blowjob experience should be back in high school…or maybe I am wrong…correct me if I am wrong.

Now, it is time to make a conclusion. We have a simple scenario, bad quality sextape and of course we have Lindsay Lohan on it. But I want you to keep in mind that we are not sure if this is her at all. So here it is…my own conclusion…I am saying that this is Lindsay Lohan indeed…because I have watched that video several times with a lot of details…

Despite the fact that the quality of this tape is low, I am rating this video with the grade of B, mostly because of Lindsay Lohan was trying very hard…

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November 1, 2011

Carmen Electra sex scene

Today I am going to tell you about few sex scenes with Carmen Electra naked in them. I think it is a great opportunity for us to go online and watch celebrity sex scenes…it is just amazing how everything is simple in nowadays…About ten years 15 years ago, if you wanted to watch for example Carmen Electra sex movie, you would have to go to the video store, search that tape…and sometimes it happens that you don’t know the name of that movie…but now, everything is much easier.

On these sex scenes you can see a lot…There are basically two movies where you can see Carmen Electra sex scenes. These movies are Chosen One: Legend of the Raven and The mating habits of the earth human. But right now I would like to talk about few sex scenes from The mating habits of the earth human movie.

The first sex scene I happening in a room. Carmen drops out her dress and we can see her boobs. She is lying underneath some guy and then they start having sex…I have to admit that it was pretty realistic and their sex had some passion or maybe even love…but I am sure this is only because of good acting.

In another scene of Carmen Electra hot video, you can see her riding the same guy, but on the other bed. But you will not see anything under her waist as she covered the most interesting part with a blanket. As she is riding him you can see how Carmen Electra boobs are shaking and jiggling…Up and down, up and down…

The last sex scene in this movie that I want to discuss is when Carmen Electra nude is jumping on a guy with a lot of passion…After a few kisses they are having sex on the couch.

This is it for this Carmen Electra sex video and my rate is purely five out of five.

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January 25, 2011

Jessica Alba sex tape video leaked

Jessica Alba was born on April, 28th, 1981 in Pomona, California in the USA. The Childhood and youth of Jessica Alba were noted by several illnesses. Nevertheless her health improved when her family moved to California. At 16 she left high school and subsequently was accepted to drama school “Atlantic Theater Company”. For today the best films of Jessica Alba are The Eye, Awake, Good Luck Chuck, Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Certainly hot Jessica Alba attracts the attention of men first of all by her appearance. And Jessica makes profit of it. Jessica Alba and “Maxim”. Last years the majority of popular man’s magazines published intimate photos of Alba. One of the most frank and provocative photosessions was made by the magazine Maxim. Jessica Alba in FHM. This year Jessica Alba takes the second place in the list of the most sexual women of the world under the version of FHM. Every second man dreams to see Jessica Alba topless or Jessica Alba’s breast. For the first time we saw Jessica Alba in bikini in the film “Into the Blue”. I am an admirer of Jessica Alba. I have on the computer Jessica Alba as wallpaper. I consider that Jessica Alba legs are the most beautiful legs in the world. On the Internet there is Jessica Alba sex tape, many think that it is Jessica Alba home porn, but actually is Jessica Alba frank scene from film. So don’t believe loud headings like “Jessica Alba fakes” or “Jessica Alba sex” – it is a deceit. For today this actress has not fallen to such cheap PR actions. Maximum what you can find in Internet is cheap PR actions or scenes from films with the participation of Jessica Alba in tube top.

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December 25, 2010

Carmen Electra sex tape

Carmen is one of the hottest girls on my list. She is surely can get everything she wants, the only thing she should do is to bend near a man by supposedly picking up something from the floor. Oh yeas…She was the hottest one in 90’ and she is trying to hold that position. But sometimes it happens that you are being forgotten, and the whole attention slips away from you. What will you do? I think Carmen Electra sex tape was a solution to this problem…however there is a possibility that the tape was stolen, like in many other previous cases. But anyway you have to know that the tape exists, although I am very confused about what is happening on it…I would never thought that I will see in this video Carmen Electra lesbian sex with her hot female friend. Do not get me wrong…I am not against lesbian relationships, conversely, I could not believe how happy I am by watching Carmen Electra naked with other hot woman. I think this is a dream of many people, because a lot of us have our own dirty fantasies, and mine has just became a true, as I saw Carmen having sex with the other lady.

But there is something that I am not sure about…I mean I saw how they acting and I have got to tell you that it looked like just acting…you know what I am saying…it was a fake or simulate sex. If it is so, I still regret nothing, because I saw what I was wishing to see. I saw Carmen Electra tits and Carmen Electra pussy…what else? Or yea I forgot…she wears there only black high heels, so I saw Carmen Electra ass too.

During the simulation of lesbian sex, they unzipped cameraman’s trousers…how far they wanted to go?

Looks like this simulation was made only for the public stunt…anyway I liked that sex tape and I recommend you to watch that.

By appreciating all this Carmen Electra sex video, I have to say that I am going to rate that tape with the grade of A.

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September 22, 2010

Paris Hilton sex tape

What would you say, if I offer you to watch Paris Hilton sextape? You will probably ask me “which one?” It is not a secret that Paris has got a lot of sex videos and it is hard to impress people with them already. It is because Paris Hilton sex videos were coming on too fast and too often…and when people see something extraordinary very often, it becomes a regular…That is what happening with all new Paris Hilton sex movies…But let’s try to figure out why she is doing them so often and what kind of other videos she has made.

She worked as a model, musician and actress, however modeling career is kind of more successful for Paris, as she is tall and here, you do not have to be smart or say something.

It is not a surprise for people if they see Paris Hilton naked photo…but if we are talking about Paris Hilton sex video, here people will be more interested. Let’s try to discuss her sex tape.

The first thing is scenario…which is very different from one Paris Hilton sex video to another. But a few things combine all of her videos…I mean in all of them she gets fucked, does a blowjob, or you can see Paris Hilton exposed her pussy or boobs on it. So the scenario is very basic like in all of this kind of movies.

Another thing is the quality of that video…in all of Paris Hilton sex movies, the quality is just perfect and you do not have to guess if it is her or if it is Paris Hilton fake. She does not hesitate on these sex videos, instead, she is exposing all of her parts and smiles to the camera.

Paris Hilton tits look pretty big on each of her video, however their shape is kind of messy to me…Her ass looks gorgeous in all sextapes…

I have this feeling that I know why Paris Hilton is making all of those movies…and it is not just for fun…I think she is selling them to the one lucky paparazzi or something like that…Pretty good business you know…she wakes up in the morning, then she calls to her boyfriend or just friend and says ”Hey, you wanna come and fuck me?” And of course he wants…

Anyway, I have to rate this video…So…Good scenario, excellent quality and Paris Hilton…nothing but a purely and glamour A grade for Paris Hilton sextape.

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Anna Nicole Smith sex tape

What do you think about Anna Nicole Smith naked? I am saying that this is the most beautiful thing. Her elastic and shapely forms are just a pleasure to watch. Her blond and sexy hair lying on her naked shoulders and her look penetrating your heart and melting it, are just magnificent event. I bet you want her right here and right now…But be a little bit patient and you will see soon Anna Nicole Smith sex tape with her boyfriend. Yeas, that is right…sex tape. Now I think you are more interested, right? I know that because when the talk goes about somebody’s sex tape, the conversation is taking a completely opposite side. I do not know why, but there was always something special about celebrity sex tapes. I know many people who collect them. And I am sure that they are waiting this Anna Nicole Smith sex video with a big anticipation, because it would be a very honorable addition for their collection. Now, let’s see and talk about what is on this tape and what kind of scenario is hiding there.

The boyfriend of Anna Nicole has made a statement that their sex tape which was made on Bahamas has been stolen. There were a lot of sex scenes of both of them. Anna Nicole Smith tits can be seeing pretty well on that tape. The quality should be good, as it was made recently and the camera on what they were recording was pretty good.

Now, her boyfriend is afraid that the tape can be shown online, which is happening already. But there is nothing to be afraid of pal…If you fucked Anna Nicole Smith, you just have to be proud of it, as you are the luckiest man on the planet. Or even if you just saw Anna Nicole Smith pussy, you can count that you are lucky. So I am saying to that guy, there is nothing to be afraid of.

From the above review, I have made this allegation, that Anna Nicole Smith sex video with her boyfriend deserves grade A, and nothing but that.

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September 21, 2010

Adriana Lima sex tape video

When I hear people saying there was Adriana Lima sex tape, I could not believe in that. Yeas Adriana is hot, yeas she is a bad girl, but a sex tape where Adriana Lima fucked so hard…I don’t think so…

If you want to now true about who is on this tape, than let’s check out this video and then will make our conclusion. First of all, let’s imagine that a girl on the tape is Adriana Lima, so we did not have to make a name for her. And it will be a lot easier to me. Scenario of this sex tape is pretty simple. Adriana Lima naked and lies on the bed while a guy fucks here damn hard. Here you can see Adriana Lima boobs as well as Adriana Lima pussy. But let me as you something…Do you still think that this is her? If you do, than it is time to make a comparison.

First, we are going to start from above. Adriana Lima hairstyle is not much familiar with this hairstyle that we see on this sex tape. Her forehead is not that big as the girl on this tape has. I cannot say anything about the eyes as on the tape they are closed, however we can see that Adriana nose is more accurate than a girl on the tape has.

Now it is time for lips to be judged. It is definitely not her lips on this video. In reality Adriana Lima has a bigger lips, than this girl on the tape. Adriana Lima boobs are much bigger and elastic than you can see on this tape. So there you go…another point for Adriana. Let’s talk about the abs…A girl on this tape has got an extra fat in her belly area, whereas we know that Adriana Lima has got a pretty strong and sexy abs. I think we have had enough…Only a fool will think that this is Adriana Lima sex video…This is someone else…someone who is less attractive and shapely…I could be anybody, but Adriana Lima. But anyway we have to grade this tape…For thinking that there is Adriana on this tape and of course a pretty good quality of this video, I have to grade this sex tape with 5+, and that is it…

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One Night in Paris

Watching Paris Hilton naked is something that we get used to, probably because she makes her sex tapes too often and everybody know what to expect. If Paris wants to grab our attention, she has got to do a lot better than that…something that is bigger than just a sex tape and that requires any talent…Oh I am sorry…I forgot that Paris talentless…although wait a minute…that is her talent…making bad porn movies…But I am sure Paris knows that this is cheap…A lot of non famous young women could do the same, only for free… We are all now several Paris Hilton sex tapes mostly with her boyfriend Rick. But this video, one night in Paris, differs from the rest of her another sex tapes. This video deserves a little bit attention, although there is nothing special about it either, as you saw Paris Hilton boobs thousands of times. As we always start with scenario, I have to say that there is no deep thought in this…It is just simple porn movie, which lasts about an hour. You can see here Paris Hilton blowjob to her boyfriend Rick Solomon. She sucks and she does a hand job too. Also, Rick Solomon fucks Paris Hilton very hard. Her ass cannot be seeing very often, however you can see Paris Hilton pussy all the time. By the way, do you know who was directing that Paris Hilton sex video? It is Johny Fly. It was directed in 2004 by the Red Light District Video studio. Now it is time to talk about the quality of one night in Paris movie…I have to say that the definition is pretty high, the lighting is very poor and you will have to tense your eyesight if you want to watch this video with more detail. Paris, face it, you cannot pick the right light…and this is not a first time…Even the worse porn filmmaker could do ten times better than she is. So after this review, I have to say that Paris Hilton sex video one night in Paris deserves nothing but grade of C+ and that is it…Bad light, stupid scenario and bad Paris Hilton.

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