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Alessia Marcuzzi nude

I was watching today one picture of Alessia Marcuzzi nude and I have decided to make a short review about her… She is 37 years old at the moment and her height is 5’11… So, I think we had better start…

If you are wonder about Alessia Marcuzzi boobs, then I have to say that this is the toughest question I have had for today… I know that her tits are just absolutely stunning … I can’t take my eyes away from them… even now, while I am writing this… and this… and even this… Anyway, her tits are just huge and so elastic even at that age… The only question here is if her boobs are real… And in order to answer that question you have to be familiar with Alessia Marcuzzi topless pictures that you can watch on the web… But I have to warn ya’ll… tha wouldn’t be enough to solve that question… I mean when I look at them I want to think that they are real… but then I start to realize that it is impossible to have boobs like that from nature… And what if she is some rarest woman who has this amazing gift… If I say right now that her boobs are fake, I can offend her by that… but saying they are real won’t exactly characterize them… I think it would be better to be quiet about them.

Alessia Marcuzzi ass is something be and gorgeous… I love her ass… in fact I am getting too much exited when I look at Alessia Marcuzzi bikini pictures… that is for sure… I wonder how it is possible to have ass like that… is it requires some special exercises or something like that… Or maybe she gained her ass by eating a lot… Of course she is a bit curvy, but not too much… The point is that her but is curvy which is just great.

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October 25, 2010 um 9:49 am
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