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August 31, 2011

Demi Moore sex scene

Today I saw Demi Moore sex movie that calls About last night…I thought you might be interested in that sex scene with her and the other guy..But that is not the only scene that I have included in this review…there is also a sex scene in Indecent Proposal movie with Woody Harrelson…Both of them are pretty good…but to make this review more interesting and competitive I am going to make a competition between this two movies and two sex scenes…I think this is just great idea…but remember…we are not movie experts, so that is why we will not be judging such things like scenarios of these two movies or something else…we are just judging these two sex scenes and at the end we have to decide which scene gets first place.

I would like to start with About last Night movie…The scene starts in a shower. Demi Moore naked is kissing a guy so passionate and claims on him by holding his neck and embracing his body with her legs…They are making sex so hard and so passionate and I have to say it has a lot of realism…I am so jealous to that guy, although I know that was not real sex, but still…he got her on the top of him and that is enough to be jealous.

On the other hand, we have Demi Moore sex video from Indecent proposal movie with Woody Harrelson…Speaking about her partner…I don’t think that he is a good lover…good comic? Sure…but anyway this scene has a lot of passion and realism…It is happening on the floor of the kitchen…Woody is on the top of Demi Moore nude and he is kidding her boobs…Man…that is one lucky bastard…no offence Woody, you are cool man anyway…They are rolling over the floor and making out love…

I think I know who the winner is…it is sex scene from Indecent Proposal…

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August 28, 2011

Emily Procter nude pics

Today I am going to tell you about Emily Procter nude photo…I was looking at her and I said to myself…this woman is definitely deserve to be on my list of the sexiest female celebrities. She is hot, she is gorgeous, she is just stunning…what else I need to include her…I think that is enough…Oh yeah…I barely forgot…we are going to rate this photo of her at the end of our review. So be prepared and here are some facts about Emily that will surely help you to make your decision.

Her age is 41 but I want you to ignore that fact as she looks absolutely young and stunning…I would give her around 30 and that is it.

She looks pretty tall, however her height is only 5’3…I always tell when a woman looks taller that she is, this means that she has a great and well proportioned body…along with shapely legs.

Now it is time to talk about something big and something sexy… I mean Emily Procter boobs, which are quite big to me and I want to touch them right now…but I can’t so I’d better go and watch more Emily Procter topless photos.

Here comes another part of her body that is bigger than boobs…No, I don’t mean another tits…it is Emily Procter ass…which is just perfect and smooth like a baby skin…I think you should see Emily Procter bikini photos to really appreciate that.

Now, I think we have seen enough here and it is time to rate this photo of Emily Procter undressed. I am saying that it would be pretty fair if we give her five stars out of five possible ones.

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August 23, 2011

Laura Prepon nude pics

So today I was searching for some interesting celebrity, which we could get busy with that by appreciating someone’s nude…And then I accidentally found Laura Prepon nude pics. I was very pleased with that photo so I have decided I should share this with all of you, guys…But before that, here are some quick facts about Laura, that can help us to make a decision.

First of all, I would like to mention the fact that Laura is 29 years old, but her look says she is 18 and her body say she is 20…So the middle age that she looks is probably 19…

Another thing that I like the most in Laura is her height. She is pretty tall for a woman, but not too much…She is 5’10 which is totally model height.

Now I would like to mention her hairstyle…It looks so damn perfect on this pic, that I can’t say anything else…for real…

I like Laura Prepon boobs, as they are quite big and just look at their shape…wonderful…

Her belly is so shapely and sexy that I want to touch it…Actually her body looks pretty athletic and I have to say that she is probably going to gym everyday.

Laura Prepon ass is quite big and you want to slap it…I know, I know…just look at that…Of course her thighs look also just stunning either, but I like her ass more…

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August 19, 2011

Miley Cyrus porn

Hey, welcome to my website that is dedicated to Miley Cyrus sex video as you can see… There is nothing better than watching your favorite celebrity naked, especially when we are talking about our young Miley baby. But I don’t want you thinking about this place as only something where you can watch those kinds of things and that’s it… Hell no, you will definitely find some very interesting stuff right here besides that… So, I guess just talking won’t lead us any further and that’s why I say let’s watch it…

There is no need to go and search for Miley Cyrus porn as it is right here on this website… If you can’t find it here than I think there should be a link somewhere that will lead you to that. Just promise me that when you get it, first thing you do is watching it and then sharing with your friends… I know that sharing is great, but only when you have something to share. I would like to give you another present… it is Miley’s saying or quote if you say so… “If a relationship can’t work out, make a record.” Honestly, I don’t know what she really tried to say by that… Make a record… the hell does that means… Maybe she meant people who can’t live together should just ignore that and just live by it… I am not sure.

This was fun… I had fun, really… I hope you did too.

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August 8, 2011

Katie Downes nude

Don’t you want these Katie Downes nude pictures to watch? Come on, say it… I know you want.

Now I’m going to tell you about my favorite pictures of her, those that when you look at you tool becomes bigger and stronger if you know what I mean. On one of them that was made a couple of years ago you can see Katie Downes naked and wearing only some jewelry on her neck. Behind her you will see a background of the ocean as she is posing there right on the beach. Her tits perfectly exposed right to the camera and her sexy eyes tell us she wants to get laid immediately. But that’s not the only one picture that I’m like “wow”. There is also this image where Katie seats on the floor with a lifted up shirt so her boobs are out. Her legs are spread and she touches her pussy with right arm. Also, there is a bottle of Heiniken beer I guess right down her legs. That one is my favorite and I am thinking of getting a poster and then hang it on my wall.

Here is short boi of her. She is 4’11 and her age is only 26 years old. What can I say? Yeah, she is small, but that’s not the point if we’re talking about her naked.

Enough with all this crap as I have to go to the bathroom till the next week or something. Yeah, I guess I ate some very expired tomato juice from my fridge so take care now and wish me luck.

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August 2, 2011

Tracy Dali nude

I think the fact that you’re going to watch some Tracy Dali nude pictures should already put you in a good mood. I am not even talking about these pics dudes.

Just look at her athletic and healthy body. Of course I am not sure about whether her lifestyle is healthy but this is what I see according to that gorgeous picture of her. Maybe we need some details to understand her real sexuality. Ok, let’s do it.

She is posing on that picture so that means it was some kind of photo shoot. You know I am very jealous to all those photographers that work with women like her because all they do is watching their nude bodies and then capturing them. This is a dream job of any man. Just think about it, you know. Imagine yourself getting up in the morning and opening a list of today’s chicks that you are going to get a shot. Wow, this I something I want to do in some near future. Plus, there are many bonuses and benefits in that kind of work. For example, you can sleep with almost any girl that was in your camera. It is mostly up to you to decide which one is going to be next.

But if I was her photographer I would first ask her to get undressed even if she was refusing to that as that’s not a plan. I would just say her couple of compliments and something like “People have to see your sexy body” and then I would see Tracy Dali naked in front of me.

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