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January 25, 2011

Jessica Alba sex tape video leaked

Jessica Alba was born on April, 28th, 1981 in Pomona, California in the USA. The Childhood and youth of Jessica Alba were noted by several illnesses. Nevertheless her health improved when her family moved to California. At 16 she left high school and subsequently was accepted to drama school “Atlantic Theater Company”. For today the best films of Jessica Alba are The Eye, Awake, Good Luck Chuck, Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Certainly hot Jessica Alba attracts the attention of men first of all by her appearance. And Jessica makes profit of it. Jessica Alba and “Maxim”. Last years the majority of popular man’s magazines published intimate photos of Alba. One of the most frank and provocative photosessions was made by the magazine Maxim. Jessica Alba in FHM. This year Jessica Alba takes the second place in the list of the most sexual women of the world under the version of FHM. Every second man dreams to see Jessica Alba topless or Jessica Alba’s breast. For the first time we saw Jessica Alba in bikini in the film “Into the Blue”. I am an admirer of Jessica Alba. I have on the computer Jessica Alba as wallpaper. I consider that Jessica Alba legs are the most beautiful legs in the world. On the Internet there is Jessica Alba sex tape, many think that it is Jessica Alba home porn, but actually is Jessica Alba frank scene from film. So don’t believe loud headings like “Jessica Alba fakes” or “Jessica Alba sex” – it is a deceit. For today this actress has not fallen to such cheap PR actions. Maximum what you can find in Internet is cheap PR actions or scenes from films with the participation of Jessica Alba in tube top.

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January 15, 2011

Bridget Hall nude

I didn’t know her until I have watched Bridget Hall nude pictures… She is so hot that I have decided to put her name on the list of the hottest female celebrities and this review is fully dedicated to her…

Now let’s talk about Bridget Hall boobs… Oh my… they are so big and I just love their shape… This kind of shape makes me go crazy… That is my weakness… I can’t resist in front of a woman who has tits like that… But the most important thing is that her tits are one hundred percent natural… That is for sure as you can’t notice any signs of plastic surgery involved… At least I can’t… But let me tell you one thing… It ain’t possible to have that shape of tits after any plastic surgery on them… If you still think that I am being wrong then simply watch Bridget Hall topless pictures and see for yourself.

I would like to continue this review with Bridget Hall ass that is so gorgeous and amazing that I want to jump on her like a beast… no kidding… I want her so badly… But as we are talking about her cute butt I would to say a few things about it… First of all, it looks pretty athletic so that makes me think she does lots of workouts to keep her ass in that shape… It is also pretty elastic and smooth which makes me thing this ass belongs to some 19 year old college girl… But reality says that she is 32 years old… I can’t believe in that… I thought she is about 27 or something like that… Anyway, I suggest you to watch Bridget Hall exposed pictures where you can checkout her ass pretty clearly.

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January 12, 2011

Anne Heche nude

Honestly, I am not a big fan of her, but I find her quite sexy, so she deserves to be on my list of sexy female celebrities…If I put only those woman that only I like, it will be pretty short and I will be pretty selfish, so that is why I try to find as many sexy celebrities as possible, mostly for you guys…and I hope with every new name many of you find their sexy one…Now, let’s discuss Anne Heche nude photo…

She is 40 years old, but I am completely forgot about that…I thought she is about 26…Having those forms at that age deserves an extra attention…

By looking at that picture of her…Can you tell me what is her approximate height? I thought she is about 6’0, but she is 5’5 indeed…I bet you thought she is taller too.

Anne Heche boobs is quite small to me, but for her they are just right as if she had bigger, she would not have a perfect proportions…I suggest to those of you who like her to go online and search Anne Heche topless photos.

Anne Heche ass is not big, but she is pretty skinny, so it doesn’t count.

I think it is enough to discuss this picture of Anne Heche undressed as I am about to make a decision…I am giving for this picture four out of five, as she did not seemed to me as sexy as I thought, however I tried to forget the fact that she is not my type during this review.

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