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November 25, 2010

Drew Barrymore Playboy pictures

I thought we will never get to Drew Barrymore Playboy pictures, but here we are…looking at them with a big pleasure. I think Drew is gorgeous and she can easily be the role model for many women who wants to look sexy when they are above 30…It is possible…I mean just look at Drew Barrymore nude pics and see for yourself.

Here are a few facts about her that you will find quite interesting and beneficial for yourself. First, is her age…she is 34 years old and she will be 35 in a couple of months…But I think that is a bullshit…Of course it is true, but the point is that she looks like she is 25 again…Correct me if I am wrong. Looking that good and sexy in this age deserves a standing ovations, that I am doing right now…I wish all women were that hot and sexy when they are above 30…but unfortunately, not every women are capable of to do that.

I am not going to say something bad about her height which is 5’4…Yes, I like tall women, but Drew is an exception, believe me…her sexuality is covering all of her shortages.

Drew Barrymore boobs are not so big like for example Holly Madison has, but I like their shape and the fact that they are so elastic even by this age. I think you should checkout Drew Barrymore topless pics, that will surely help you to better appreciate her tits.

I like this tattoo that is above Drew Barrymore ass…For sure…but I like her ass even more as it is pretty big and elastic…I saw Drew Barrymore bikini pictures and I have to say that this is the rarest ass I saw…

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Milla Jovovich nude photos

I have been waiting for this moment long enough, so I will try to do this very carefully and quite interesting…For those of you who did not get yet, I am talking about Milla Jovovich nude photos, actually we are about to discuss one of them and then we will rate this particular photo. But before that, I think you should know something about her, which is surely help when we will be close enough to the end.

She is a Ukrainian model and actress who moved to the US and she continued her career there. Milla is 34 years old but she looks like she is 25…Her body is so gorgeous and every model think that she is a perfect role model…She is pretty tall too…her height is about 5’8…I like tall women, but being just tall is not enough…you have to be beautiful and sexy too…

I like Milla Jovovich tits, as they are so original and not every woman can have the same sexy shape of tits. I do know that they are not so big, but here it does not matter…it is Milla Jovovich tits and that is it…She probably does not care much about it and I respect her for not doing any plastic surgeries to increase her tits…I like to looks at Milla Jovovich topless gallery all the time…

Milla Jovovich ass is also stunning…Remember her role of Lilu in Fifth element? Oh boy…I liked her ass since that movie…

I think we have seen enough and it is time for us to rate this photo of Milla Jovovich undressed. I think it would be fair enough if I give her five stars out of five possible.

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Vida Guerra Playboy pictures posing naked

Good news everybody…I am taking a break from rating the hottest female celebrities photos that are on my list and I am starting to rate celebrities playboy photos. I know that if they are in playboy, that means this photos are already great…Yeas, that is true, but if there are many different celebrities who are in that magazine, that means they can compete against each other and I will judge them, but only with your help. So, our first and hot female celebrity will be Vida Guerra…I know, many of you can ask why her…but I think she deserves to be first as she is not afraid of stripping. I say this Vida Guerra playboy photo today on the web and I want to share it with you…After my short review we will make an overall rate for this pic.

First I would like to mention her age…she is 35 years old, but I think she looks like she is back 25, right? She probably stay that hot for the next 20 years, that is for sure. Her height is only 5’3, but I think her long and gorgeous legs making her look a bit higher.

I think that Vida Guerra boobs look just perfect on that photo, aren’t they? So big, so perfect…oh…she is lucky…Many people are just dreaming to see Vida Guerra topless at least once…

As I am going from the top to the bottom, I would like now to mention Vida Guerra ass…It is very big and just perfect…I think every woman dreams about ass like that. And what about me…I would like to see Vida Guerra bikini shot that would be made only for me.

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Sofia Milos nude

I have found this picture of Sofia Milos nude on the web and I thought you might like her as well as like I am. Just join me on this short review and see for yourself.


I thought she is about 30 years old, but it turns out I was wrong on 10 years, can you imagine that, huh? She is 40, but I think no one can say that… This woman loves to be gorgeous and she tries from day to day to look better… She knows that if she stops work on her body, time will take away her sexuality.


Now let’s talk about her height…She is 5’8, so you can call her pretty tall… I love tall woman… it is not a secret why… because I am not small either… I think it is great when your girlfriend is not much lower than you… once or couple of inches is great, but if she is taller than you… wow… I am sorry for that…


Sofia Milos boobs pretty big and I have to say… too much elastic… she probably has done a plastic surgery, but even if she has, that is not a problem as long as it doesn’t concern her health. Checkout Sofia Milos topless pics, I am sure you will like them.


Sofia Milos ass is pretty elastic I would say and big… She probably does exercises all the time so her ass was athletic and shapely.

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Tiffany Granath nude

Here is another review with some good illustrations featuring Tiffany Granath nude so you might want to check that out.

Some people see in other those persons that they love the most but can’t reach as well. For example, I am crazy about Fergie and she is the only hot woman for me in the whole world. That’s the girl I would marry even though she has her own family now but that doesn’t seem to be much of an obstacle to me you know. Love has no limits and borders but I think the only problem is that there are million people out there with the same desire as mine and they think there is nobody love her stronger than them. I feel that way too and I look on things rationally. Anyway, I saw this photo of Tiffany and she remind of Stacy but only about 5 or even 7 years older. Maybe she will look like her after that period of time… Nobody can really say that.

They both have some familiar hairstyles and they love wearing some black lingerie. I got this picture of her from Maxim and she is exposing herself there right on some luxury carpet or blanket whatever. You can notice that Tiffany Granath ass here looks just perfect and so big that I think it is now just a perfect time for me to pull my pants down, take off my tool and start masturbating. Yeah, this is exactly what I’m going to do right about now… See you later.

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