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September 22, 2010

Paris Hilton sex tape

What would you say, if I offer you to watch Paris Hilton sextape? You will probably ask me “which one?” It is not a secret that Paris has got a lot of sex videos and it is hard to impress people with them already. It is because Paris Hilton sex videos were coming on too fast and too often…and when people see something extraordinary very often, it becomes a regular…That is what happening with all new Paris Hilton sex movies…But let’s try to figure out why she is doing them so often and what kind of other videos she has made.

She worked as a model, musician and actress, however modeling career is kind of more successful for Paris, as she is tall and here, you do not have to be smart or say something.

It is not a surprise for people if they see Paris Hilton naked photo…but if we are talking about Paris Hilton sex video, here people will be more interested. Let’s try to discuss her sex tape.

The first thing is scenario…which is very different from one Paris Hilton sex video to another. But a few things combine all of her videos…I mean in all of them she gets fucked, does a blowjob, or you can see Paris Hilton exposed her pussy or boobs on it. So the scenario is very basic like in all of this kind of movies.

Another thing is the quality of that video…in all of Paris Hilton sex movies, the quality is just perfect and you do not have to guess if it is her or if it is Paris Hilton fake. She does not hesitate on these sex videos, instead, she is exposing all of her parts and smiles to the camera.

Paris Hilton tits look pretty big on each of her video, however their shape is kind of messy to me…Her ass looks gorgeous in all sextapes…

I have this feeling that I know why Paris Hilton is making all of those movies…and it is not just for fun…I think she is selling them to the one lucky paparazzi or something like that…Pretty good business you know…she wakes up in the morning, then she calls to her boyfriend or just friend and says ”Hey, you wanna come and fuck me?” And of course he wants…

Anyway, I have to rate this video…So…Good scenario, excellent quality and Paris Hilton…nothing but a purely and glamour A grade for Paris Hilton sextape.

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Avril Lavigne nude photo

A famous pop rock star Avril Lavigne has turned from her previous ugly character in her early career to a sexy rock princess. She became more mature and gorgeous. And many people start to love her and her appearance. Today, there are many searches on the internet that are related with Avril Lavigne topless or Avril Lavigne undressed requests. So let’s check out one of those requests and look on this picture of Avril topless.

On this photo you can see 25 year old Avril Lavingne undressed almost till her belly. Look how sexy she stands, holding a bottle of whisky in one hand and the glass in the other. Her hair looks super hot. As we can see Avril has peercing right on her bellybutton, which gives all women more sexuality and charm. Concerning her abs on that pic, I have got to tell you that I can’t see a hard work in gym, however the whole belly itself looks just perfect and sexy.

Avril Lavigne boobs on that pic can be noticed almost perfectly. I say almost, because we can’t see how do look her nipples here. But we do know is that Avril has the most beautiful tits.

Avril is a very talented musician, but being also super hot woman at the same time, makes Avril different and special. By the way Avril Lavigne is one of my favorite female musicians and do like her a lot for her beauty and talent.

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Katja Bienert nude

What’s that curie pie we have right here? Oh, she is just adorable, isn’t she? I am sorry for not introducing so please welcome Katja Bienert nude pictures and herself of course too. Just don’t get too excited as we got here another one celebrities that you might want to check a bit later.

I got one photo of here where she is absolutely naked and now I would like to describe her on it. But before to do that, here is what you should know. I don’t know if that’s true but this appearance of her was on the cover of that movie called Lilian The Perverted Virgin. The genre of that movie is action, comedy and horror. Maybe we should all watch it first and then go back to our discussion… Well, I don’t have much time because of my job so that’s probably something never happens. Besides, if you’re a busy man I think watching picture is better than a whole movie, right.

Katja stands topless there with her messy hairstyle and I fell in love with her as soon as I saw that one photo. But of course there was something on her body that I completely disliked. For example, her boobs look to me kind of awkward and they have some weird shape. Besides, I think that her left breast look smaller than her right one. This is gross people. Women shouldn’t have unequal boobs. Go to doctor and he will try to do his best.

But my overall grade for this photo of Katja Bienert naked would be pretty good one as her other parts seem to be very solid and hot.

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Salma Hayek nude

We were watching tons of Salma Hayek nude pictures and there were real ones among them and fake ones as well. But the point is that not all of them are easy to find. You may count yourself lucky as you came to the right place.

How about this from her? “I’ve stolen a couple of hearts and they are in my private collection” Everybody knows how hot and passionate Mexican women can be. Salma is not just one of them, she is a sex symbol of Mexico I guess… Well, even if it is not like that, I think there should be. I can only imagine how it was hard for those men whose hearts were stolen by this gorgeous woman. She could probably do ten times more but I guess Salma is not that wild to break hearts. She is more like feminist and she can revenge to us, men.

This only makes me feel even more excited and I wish I was her slave. In fact I would do anything more than that, just to see Salma Hayek naked. If she wanted to punish all men in some one person then I want to be one. But it seems that some of you also want to get some spankings from her.

I wish you all best because I am not sure we can see each other here anymore… Hah, just kidding fellows. I will be off this weekend so be prepared for some new shots from Salma on the next week… Have a nice day my dear friends and enjoy those pics.

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Liv Tyler sex scene

There are a few celebrities that are very precious to me…I am talking about Angelina Jolie, Christina Applegate, Fergie and a few more…I can’t say something bad about them…and when I am making an overview about one of them I am trying to be as much careful as I can…I don’t want to offend someone…especially Liv Tyler …There is a huge possibility that these celebrities will read this on the web…If you think they won’t…you are wrong…First of all…they are people just like we are…second of all, they have ten times better internet connection that you do…And the last thing is that everybody want to know what people think about them or write about them…Check this out…instead of searching tv channels or buying a fresh paper they can simply go only type their names and they will find everything they want to know about themselves….how simple is that?

And today I am going to talk about Liv Tyler sex movie…I have found a few scenes that you will find quite interesting for yourself as many people like to watch their favorite celebrities naked and having sex in front of the camera…by the way…the separate thanks to the cameras…without them…internet and movie industry would not exist…well…internet probably would…but it was not so interesting as it is now…

Anyhow…here is Liv Tyler sex scene…it is from the movie by the name One Night at Mccool’s…I bet you saw that movie…Well, here it is… Liv Tyler naked lying on the bed and having sex with a guy…He is above her and they are doing that doggy style…by the way that is not just a guy…it is Matt Dillon…lucky son of a bitch that has done a lot sex scenes with most famous female celebrities…Lucky bastard…He is tapping Liv Tyler ass pretty hard…the scene looks pretty realistic.

I think this is it for this Liv Tyler hot video and I am rating it with five out of five.

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Jessica Biel nude

Personally, I have got to tell you that I do not like her face, although Jessica Biel tits look sexy on this pic. No honestly…Their size is fine. A lot of man would be glad to have the same for his wife or a girlfriend, but maybe a little more elastic or something. However she has the right size. I wonder to see Jessica Biel topless and will her boobs be lower than they are in bra?

Although she has a beautiful smile and white teeth, nice hair and more, I can’t say that I like her, but maybe if I saw Jessica Biel undressed, I would change my position…and maybe her too…

As you can see from this picture, it is clearly seen Jessica Biel nipples through this bathing suit. They are pretty big. Maybe Jessica was exited at the time the photo was take? Who knows…

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Camilla Belle nude

I was watching today Camilla Belle naked pics and was pretty excited as I saw an incredible woman with the most gorgeous body…I think she deserves to be on my list of the hottest female celebrities, however I can’t give her VIP place there as it is only for internationally well know women. Anyway, I got this picture of Camilla Belle nude that I would like to share and discuss with you…

First thing is first…she is 23 years old, however I thought she is 18 at the moment…Can you imagine how you she will look when she be about…let’s say 30 for the start…She has got the whole long life, but I am sure she will do whatever it takes to keep her sexy body…

She is pretty tall…I like that…you know it, right? Her height is 5’8 and she has got pretty long and shapely legs that in my opinion, makes her look a lot taller than she is.

Camilla Belle boobs are quite big for a girl this age and I think that she made a surgery, but maybe I am wrong…no offence Camilla…even if I am right, I don’t think that it is very bad as it is not…in nowadays. I do recommend you to watch Camilla Belle topless pics on the web.

Camilla Belle ass is just stunning…I think it will keep this shape for a few decades for sure…I just love to watch Camilla Belle bikini pics…

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Imogen Thomas nude

You know, I have noticed that the more celebrities I put on my list the less gorgeous I found among them…I mean there are many of them gorgeous and stuff like that, but not many that I could say…Wow just look at that woman, she is just perfect and I am just in love with her…But, here we have a very unique example… Meet today’s our guest Imogen Thomas… This is just an example of what it is like to be a woman…She represent woman… all women… She is the most beautiful I know…no kidding. I would give anything to be with that woman…The word beautiful in all dictionaries should be explained as Imogen Thomas… Oh my, I am so happy that I am a witness of Imogen Thomas naked pictures…many people don’t even know that this perfect woman exists… Too bad and I feel sorry for them. Do you know that she was named Miss Wales 2003? Oh yeah, in fact, I would named her as Miss Planet 2010… Honestly, if I could, I would do that for sure and without any doubts… Anyhow, here is Imogen Thomas nude picture that I am going to discuss. I hope you can join me at this review as believe me…you don’t want to miss this cutie pie.

Imogen Thomas boobs are just freaking gorgeous…Look at them… so big and so natural…no signs of plastic surgery involved…They are elastic and smooth as well… that is just a dream of any woman I think. You just have to watch Imogen Thomas topless gallery…

Her body is something perfect… I can’t describe it with some other word… and I think it is stupid to say about it something else.

Imogen Thomas ass is also a dream of any man…I want to touch it at least once, but I can’t…that is too bad as her ass is pretty big and athletic… so elastic and shapely…my, oh my…Do watch Imogen Thomas bikini pictures.

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Patricia Heaton nude pics

You are probably wonder why I start describing old celebrities photos very often…I have got to tell you that you cannot ignore the fact that all of them are look good and just stunning and they can compete against their younger opponents for the title of sexiest female celebrity…I have to write about them as keeping your sexuality at least on 70 percents or even higher is the key fact of getting the highest rating among the others. So there you go…Patricia Heaton nude photo…

She is 51 years old, but she surely looks very hot and quite desirable. I think, being that sexy at this age is a talent and nothing else…I bet you can see a lot of Patricia Heaton playboy pics on the web, as she is hot enough for that magazine…

Her height is 5’2, but can you tell that from this picture…I don’t think so…Her well proportioned body allows her to look like she is 5’8…

Patricia Heaton boobs are pretty big and quite elastic for a woman of her age…She probably has done a few plastic surgeries, however who cares about it…the most important thing is that she is hot and that is it…I recommend you to search Patricia Heaton topless photos on the web, so you could see for yourself what I mean…

Patricia Heaton ass is quite elastic and big…That woman is a total heartbreaker when she walks down the street…

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Helen Mirren naked

I think many of you will appreciate something I have prepared for them… How about checking out Helen Mirren naked in some movies? This is something every her single fan has done already and today you are going to be next.

I would like to introduce you this movie called Hussy featuring Helen Mirren boobs exposed lying in bath… But this is not all as there are also some nice views of her sex scene there while she is making out with some fellow.

Next movie is Savage Messiah

Have I mentioned she is old? Oh yeah, I guess I did… Anyway, old people have always got something wise to say so let’s checkout Helen’s quote for now. “The trick in life is learning how to deal with it.” I still can’t deal with those pictures of Helen Mirren naked I have found on the web… but I can deal with my life so far. This is true because there is nothing more important in the whole world than learning how to live and how to deal with life. That is pretty hard to do but nobody said life is easy, right? Sometimes people like her should remind us that and I want to thank her for this wise suggestions.

I bet this review wasn’t bad at all, don’t you think so? Anyway, I have to end up this so no offence and hard feelings either… We can continue tomorrow.

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